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Application fees

Application fees are fees that platforms can charge their connected accounts for Airwallex services offered by the platform such as FX Conversions or Payouts (coming soon). These fees are separate from fees charged by Airwallex for these services.

This guide describes how to charge application fees for conversions.


Provide the following fields in the application_fee_options object when you Create a conversion API using Quotes or Rates products:

  • source_type: Set this to CONVERSION.
  • type: Fee calculation type. Set this to PERCENTAGE for conversions.
  • percentage: Required when type is set to PERCENTAGE. The markup on the FX rate expressed as a number between 0 to 20. For example, specifying 0.1 indicates 0.1%. This markup changes the client rate by the specified percentage.
  • currency: Optional. The currency for the conversion if specified must be from the currency pair. If the currency is unspecified, the contra currency of the quote will be used.

The response will contain a detailed breakdown of fees paid for the service in the application_fees object.

Example request
Example response