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Direct debit deposit statuses

This page describes the status transitions during direct debits from Linked Accounts.

Deposits via direct debit from Linked Accounts

Status transitions when deposits are credited into your Wallet via direct debits from a Linked Account.

deposits via direct debit from LA

PENDINGDeposit via direct debit from a Linked Account is being processed. The Linked Account status (POST /api/v1/linked_accounts/create) must be SUCCEEDED and the direct debit mandate status (POST /api/v1/linked_accounts/{id}/mandate) must be ACTIVE for the transaction to proceed.
SETTLEDDeposit is successfully settled to your Wallet balance.
REVERSEDIf the external bank recalls the funds after they have been settled into your Wallet, the status of the existing deposit will be updated from SETTLED to REVERSED, and the corresponding amount will be deducted from your Wallet balance.
REJECTEDDeposit is rejected as it failed validation by either Airwallex or the banking scheme. The funds will be returned to your external bank account.

Review Direct debit deposit error codes to learn about all possible errors associated with a REVERSED or REJECTED deposit. You can also subscribe to Deposit webhook events to receive notifications in case of any status transitions.