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Integration Overview

Before starting to use Online Payments products, you can take a look at the Online Payments API API first and understand our tech interaction flows. Integration can begin immediately following the onboarding success.

You can integrate with our APIs in several ways. These range from using a pre-built integration, to building your UI for full control over your checkout experience. We recommend you make the choice based on your needs and capabilities.

Hosted Payment Page If you want to spend the least tech effort to get the checkout page to run on your website, try to redirect your customers to the Airwallex-hosted page so that you can focus on what matters to you. We take care of the whole payment journey.

Drop-in Element If you want to show a unified payment methods list to your customers during checkout while still wanting to customize certain page appearances, try to integrate quickly with drop-in elements without extensive front-end development work.

Embedded Elements If you want to show payment methods separately under different blocks as you might have been integrated with multiple payment gateways, try to render an embedded pre-built form for your desired payment methods. You can then choose how and where each payment method will be presented on your website or app.

API only If you want to have full control over the checkout page appearance and let your customers pay through your UI, try to process transactions by building directly with our API in the back end. Please note that this option requires more time and development resources to implement and maintain.

Plugins If you are already operating your store(s) on an e-commerce platform like Shopify or Magento, you can use Airwallex to process payments on these e-commerce platforms and many others.

Payment Links API If your customers are not able to pay on your website or app, but rather need to start the journey from an email, a social media chat, or an offline physical store, then Payment Links might be the solution for you. You can initiate and share out the link via API without manual creation via the webapp.