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Handle Cardholder Request for Information (RFI)

When creating a cardholder, Airwallex might request additional information to successfully complete the activation shortly after the initial submitted information is reviewed.

There are generally two reasons this might happen:

  • Identity verification is needed: If the cardholder due diligence process determines that an identity document needs to be verified in order to continue then this will be requested.
  • Additional information requests: During cardholder due diligence each customer is assessed for risk in order to decide whether the cardholder can be activated or not. In some instances, more information will be required to make the decision. The most common request, aside from identification documents, is for the cardholder to provide proof of address.

Airwallex provides multiple options to handle additional information requests for cardholders. Note that these options are not mutually exclusive but we recommend building a unified RFI experience.

  • Native API
  • Embedded component (coming soon)
  • Hosted flow (coming soon)

We recommend that you subscribe to RFI webhooks to be informed of additional information requests for cardholders.