Airwallex Card Launch Promotion

These terms and conditions (‘Terms’) set out the terms and conditions of your participation in the Airwallex Card Launch Promotion operated by Airwallex Pty Ltd, AFSL 487221 (‘Airwallex’, ‘us’, ‘our’ or ‘we’).

The Airwallex Card Launch Promotion allows Airwallex customers (‘you’) to order and distribute physical cards to your employees for free, and for Airwallex customers who make A$2,000 in purchases using the card prior to 31 July 2021 to be eligible to receive a Mystery Gift Pack from Airwallex valued at A$35, in accordance with these Terms (‘Promotion').

The Promotion and your participation in it are subject to these Terms.

Who is eligible to participate in this Promotion?

The Airwallex Card Launch Promotion is available to new and existing Australian customers of Airwallex who order physical card(s) for free between 12 May 2021 and 31st July 2021.

What is the Airwallex Card Launch Promotion?

The Airwallex Card Launch Promotion allows customers to order physical cards for free until 31st July 2021 and receive a Mystery Gift Pack once a cardholder make A$2,000 in purchases with a physical card, excluding purchases which are cancelled, suspended, frozen or refunded.

The Mystery Gift Pack is a small, physical gift bundle, valued at A$35, as a small ‘thank you’ gift from Airwallex recognising early physical card customers in Australia. Customers can receive a Mystery Gift Pack for each cardholder who reaches the eligibility criteria. However, in the event that an Airwallex customer reaches the eligibility criteria with multiple cards, Airwallex, in its absolute discretion, may limit the number of Mystery Gift Packs dispatched to ensure that other customers can also participate in this promotion.

When will the Mystery Gift Pack be received?

After A$2,000 is spent on a card received in accordance with these Terms, the customer will receive a confirmation email within two weeks, informing them that they have qualified for a Mystery Gift Pack. The Mystery Gift Pack will then be dispatched within 30 days, to the address associated with the physical card.

Is there any cost to participate in this Promotion?

There is no cost to you or the cardholder to participate in this Promotion. What are some other restrictions you should know about?

Airwallex, in its absolute discretion, may reject a request made by you for a large number of physical cards if Airwallex does not believe that there is a reasonable basis for the request of the cards.

The Airwallex Card Launch Promotion is not available in conjunction with other offers, packages or promotions, unless expressly permitted by Airwallex.

Termination and changes

This Promotion expires on 31st July 2021 AEDT, unless extended or shortened by Airwallex. Your participation in the Promotion is not guaranteed and may be revoked at any time at Airwallex's absolute discretion.

Airwallex may at any time and without prior notice, cancel, suspend, or change this Promotion or any part of it where it becomes necessary to do so.

Privacy & Security

Any personal information provided to Airwallex in connection with this Promotion is used in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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