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Charges and Transfers statuses

This page describes the status transitions for the charges and transfers object when you initiate a charge/transfer on a Wallet.

Charges/Transfers status transition

Status transitions when a request to create a charge/transfer object is submitted.

Charge and Transfer status

Status Description
NEW Your request to create the charge/transfer has been received by the server.
PENDING Your request to create the charge/transfer has been received successfully and is under review.
SETTLED The funds have been deducted from the payer and the beneficiary has successfully received funds into their Wallet and the transaction has been completed successfully.
SUSPENDED The charge/transfer has been rejected but the funds haven't been refunded to the payer yet.
FAILED The charge/transfer has failed including the refund to the payer.

You can subscribe to Charges and Transfers webhooks to receive notifications on these status transitions.