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Linked Account statuses

This page describes the status transitions during Linked Account creation and verification.

Linked Account Statuses

Status transitions when you initiate a request to create a Linked Account that links to an external bank account, and subsequently verify it with micro-deposits.

Status machine - Linked Account creation

REQUIRES_ACTIONIndicates that customer action such as verifying the Linked Account with microdeposits is pending.
PROCESSINGLinked account activation is in progress or United Kingdom direct debit mandate is being registered. The customer should wait for the status to update.
SUCCEEDEDThe request to create a Linked Account was successful.
FAILEDThe request to create a Linked Account was unsuccessful.
SUSPENDEDLinked account has been suspended by Airwallex.

You can subscribe to Linked Account webhook events to receive notifications in case of any status transitions.