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Online Payments

Get paid by your customers via payment links, shopping extensions or APIs

Domestic Cards and Wallets

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay and Google Pay

1.20%¹ + A$0.30

includes 3DS and built-in fraud detection

International Cards and Wallets

Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, American Express, Apple Pay and Google Pay

2.90%¹ + A$0.30

Includes 3DS and built-in fraud detection

Local Payment Methods

WeChat, AliPay and 30+ other methods

A$0.30¹ + Payment Method Fee

based on the payment method
View all methods

Plus 1.5% or 2% for certain foreign currency transactions. For high transaction volumes or Interchange++ pricing, please contact our sales team.


Create accounts, store and manage funds across the globe

Create accounts

Create virtual accounts around the world for each of your users through our network of global banking partners

Dependent on number of accounts

Contact sales to learn more

Currency conversions

Provide currency conversion services for your customers


For major currencies (e.g. USD, GBP, EUR, AUD)

Starting at 1.0%

For exotic currencies (e.g. PHP, INR, IDR)
Dependent on average transaction value


Enable your customers to receive money and set up direct debits with their bank accounts

Dependent on location and transfer method

Per transaction, see details below
View details

Please contact us to discuss bespoke pricing for high transaction volumes


Programmatically making domestic and international transfers

Domestic transfers

Use local clearing systems to make fast domestic transfers

30¢ AUD

Via Bank Transfer per transfer

50¢ AUD

Via BPAY per transfer

International transfers (local transfer methods)

Use the local clearing system of the recipient's country to make transfers

Up to 86 different locations

Price dependent on recipient location
View details

International transfers (SWIFT)

Wire transfer using the traditional correspondent banking network

15 AUD - SHA

25 AUD - OUR


Please contact us to discuss bespoke pricing for high transaction volumes


Seamlessly issue and manage cards

Card creation

Create cards for you and your customers (e.g. virtual, physical cards, Google Pay & Apple Pay supports coming soon)

0.35 AUD

Per virtual card

15 AUD

Per physical card

0.35 AUD

Per month per card

Card transactions

Transact around the world in multiple currencies


Low-value transaction fees applied for transactions below 100 AUD:25¢ AUD per domestic transaction75¢ AUD per international transaction

Additional pass-through fees

For Apple Pay and disputes

Please contact us to discuss bespoke pricing if you’re a business with large transaction volumes.


Build your own payments and financial products


If you want to empower your users and merchants with our financial infrastructure, this will give you complete flexibility to build your own financial ecosystem on top of our APIs

Pricing tailored to your business

Contact sales to learn more

Transaction between connected accounts

Instantly transfer funds between your Platform wallet account and your customers’ wallets

$2 or 1%

Of transaction amount, whichever is greater

Please contact us to discuss bespoke pricing for high transaction volumes

¹Note: Some of these fees may appear as one combined fee on your invoice. For example, an International Card transaction may appear as one fee that combines a Payment Method Fee with a Foreign Currency Settlement Fee in the same line item. If you have any questions about the fees on your invoice, please contact us and we can help clarify any questions. For our full fee schedule, see here.

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