JobAdder puts Airwallex’s borderless cards and international payments to work

The Aussie software company ditched solutions from the big four to streamline processes with Airwallex.

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Over $50,000 saved annually

By reducing credit card transactions commissions

Double conversion fees avoided

With multi-currency accounts

Rapid customer support

That responds within hours of enquiry

JobAdder exists to make recruitment more efficient and joyful for everyone involved. From the very start of the recruitment process right through to placement, the platform enables everything to happen centrally. From attracting job seekers to managing applications, interview scheduling, sharing shortlisted candidates, doing reference checks, social recruiting, communicating with candidates, clients, hiring managers and more.


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JobAdder is a multi-functional recruitment platform, bringing together Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities to create a streamlined hiring process for recruiter and applicant. Established in Sydney in 2007, JobAdder is now the #1 recruiter-referred ATS and has a team of over 200.

Tomy Marzukie joined the JobAdder team as an accountant seven years ago and is now the Finance Manager. Over this time the company has experienced significant growth, leading Tomy and his team to seek a financial operations platform that could fit their changing needs. 

Chasing mystery card transactions

Prior to finding Airwallex, the JobAdder team were using debit cards from one of the big four, and the previous Executive was using a business credit card from a popular provider. The credit card was often passed around, used for “business subscriptions, expenses - basically everything”.

“The details were shared across teams,” says Tomy, which caused headaches when it came to tracking purchases. “Transactions would pop up and nobody would know what they were. The finance team struggled to find information around who was using the card, and who they should be requesting receipts from. That’s one of the main challenges we needed to resolve.”

A card with all the capabilities

When JobAdder signed up to Airwallex, they decided to start a clean slate when it came to company card use.

“We cleaned up everything. We only replaced all the card details on the subscriptions that we knew were being managed and cancelled anything else that we didn’t recognise.”

Tomy Marzukie

Finance Manager, JobAdder

“Having the Airwallex cards is tremendously helpful and easy to set up. We can create virtual cards in a few minutes and start using them straight away.”

Airwallex’s multi-currency cards give administrators greater visibility over spending, allowing them to set limits, freeze if necessary and monitor transactions in real time.

“If we suspect any fraudulent activities, we can put a hold and flag an issue with the support team straight away as opposed to dealing with the banks where they will only speak to the person listed in the account which sometimes may be difficult. Whereas Airwallex is managed by the finance team, we can react immediately when things happen.”

Cost savings are on the cards

Not only did Airwallex’s cards trigger major time savings for the JobAdder team, the estimated cost savings soon became a reality.

Tomy Marzukie

Finance Manager, JobAdder

“When analysing how much money we could potentially save when we moved to Airwallex initially – based on the transactions we had - I estimated that annually we would save about $AUD50,000 just by reducing the transactions commission on the credit card and on other company debit cards with the big four banks.”

It’s not just cards that have made an impact on JobAdder’s bottom line, customer payments via their Global Accounts are now more cost effective than ever before. 

“By diverting some of the customers’ payments to our global accounts, we reduced the cost of receiving the payment and avoided the double conversion fees – where we receive payments in foreign currency, convert them to AUD, and then convert them again when we need to pay our overseas suppliers.” 

“Using Airwallex has many benefits. Some are difficult to quantify, but on estimate, we’re saving at least AUD 50,000 a year.”

A platform packed with solutions

Airwallex Cards are just one part of our product suite that the JobAdder team are utilising to streamline their operations. As a business that makes regular payments to overseas vendors, Airwallex’s advanced international infrastructure stood out amongst other providers.

“We selected Airwallex predominantly because we make frequent payment transfers to our overseas operations and some of our international vendors are paid by invoice.”

These international payments capabilities will also help create better customer experiences as JobAdder expands. 

“As the company grows we'll have more customers who are based in Australia and overseas. This is where Airwallex becomes very useful. We always look for ways to improve our customer experience, including making it easier for the customers to pay their invoices.”

“With Airwallex, customers can pay their invoices by depositing the payment locally rather than sending the international transfer, which save transaction fees for the customers and us. It's a win-win solution for both parties.”

“The customers’ finance team does not need to contact us to verify the bank account details. By providing something that they're familiar with we reduce the need to spend the time to reach out to each other, which helps both parties work more efficiently.”

Best of all, powerful cards, international payments, overseas transfers, helpful integrations with platforms like Xero - and everything else Airwallex has to offer -  is accessible from one intuitive platform. 

Tomy Marzukie

Finance Manager, JobAdder

“When we were introduced to Airwallex we saw it as an opportunity to solve many of the issues that we were facing and consolidate everything that we needed to use for our finance operations on one platform.”

World-class support

When it comes to finance operations, you need support that you can rely on. At Airwallex, we’re proud of our world-class support team, and the incredible speed at which they provide friendly assistance.

“When we contact the support team, they tend to respond to us within a few hours or overnight,” says Tomy. “When you contact the banks sometimes they will have to put you through to other departments and you have to repeat the process or they will get back to you really late.”

“Having support that responds to you within hours is very beneficial. It just makes you move a lot faster and more efficiently.”

Could Airwallex be a “game-changer” for your business?

We’re thrilled to have been able to assist the JobAdder team in simplifying their processes. With flexible and scalable products, we want to help businesses of all shapes and sizes transform their financial operations.

Tomy Marzukie

Finance Manager, JobAdder

“I think for us, it's a game changer. It’s changed how we process our payments and also receive payments as a business that operates in different regions. It’s really important for us to help us streamline operations.”

“For anyone out there looking to scale their business globally I think they should consider Airwallex as one of their finance platforms.”

Disclaimer: The information contained herein is factual information only and is not intended to imply any recommendation or opinion about a financial product.

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