Virtual Visa debit cards

Pay securely online and on the go. Spend globally in multiple currencies with zero transaction fees.

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Virtual Visa Debit Cards for your business

Borderless virtual debit cards created in a tap

Empower your team

Create new cards for employees and expense channels in seconds, all within the app.

0% transaction fees

We won’t charge you to use your cards at home or abroad.

Bank-beating FX rate

Minimise FX fees on SaaS subscriptions and other international expenses.

Multi-currency card spending online and on the go

Save on global expenses

Spend with your multi-currency balance and avoid unnecessary conversion fees.

Track spending in real-time

See how budgets are being spent, where and by whom in the app.

Spend on the go

Link your card to Apple and Google Pay for borderless spending on the move.

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Expense management made easy

Virtual visa debit card transactions reconciled on a mobile device

Cut down office admin

Easily upload receipts for approval, reconcile expenses in one place and get a real-time overview of your spending.

Manage seamless approval workflows

Submit, review, and approve expenses with a click, putting your expense management workflows on autopilot.

Sync with Xero for hassle-free bookkeeping

Seamless Xero integration makes multi-currency bookkeeping a breeze.

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Virtual visa debit card transactions reconciled on a mobile device

Secure, safe and transparent

You’re in control

Set spending limits at a card level, freeze cards instantly and adjust limits with a tap.

Fully protected

Spend safely online without the risk of card fraud or theft.

Accepted worldwide

Pay with your cards anywhere Visa is accepted.

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Customer story

Clipchamp empower their fast-growing, global teams with Airwallex

The finance team now has real-time visibility of global employee expenses in a single place, synced directly with their Xero account. Setting up new employee cards, with dedicated limits and logins now happens in minutes, not days. On top of that, Clipchamp saves over $1,500 each month on their cloud and subscription spend with 0% international card transaction fees.


faster setup for new employees with cards

Airwallex products used

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Frequently asked questions

What is a virtual Visa card?

A virtual card exists digitally on your phone or computer and can be used to pay for expenses. Just like a physical card, virtual debit cards are linked to an account and have a unique number, as well as an expiry date and security code.

How does a virtual Visa card work?

Virtual Visa cards work in much the same way as a physical Visa card. You can sync your virtual Visa card to Apple and Google Pay and use it to make contactless payments on the go. You can also use your virtual card to send money to another account, or pay for subscriptions and other everyday expenses.

Are virtual Visa cards safe?

Virtual Visa cards are safer than physical cards because there’s no risk of your card being lost or stolen. Virtual cards do not include account information, just a long number, expiry date and security code. So, it is much more difficult for fraudsters to access your account. 

The business account owner can create and delete virtual cards in minutes, and set spending limits on a card-by-card basis. So if a card is misused it can be cut off easily.

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