How can software integrations streamline financial operations and drive business impact?

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How can software integrations streamline financial operations and drive business impact?
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When you’re looking for a new piece of tech for your business finances, you want to find one that plays well with others.

Software integrations are essential for making sure that all of your platforms are communicating seamlessly. They can save you time, reduce error, and be a game-changer for your customer experience. However, leaders often don’t properly understand the potential of interconnected tech tools. Let’s take a look at the value of these hardworking connections.

Why are software integrations so important for businesses?

According to the Gartner 2023 Global Software Buying Trends Report, integrations are the third most important factor that businesses are seeking when evaluating tech tools. Investing in software that offers integrations is essential; they can expand the offering of a business, enhance efficiencies of existing tech and illuminate new opportunities.

When it comes to managing your business’ finances, integrations provide an even more important benefit; the secure communication of data between platforms. Removing the need for risky data entry measures, integrations can help businesses feel secure that financial information is right where it’s meant to be.

It’s not just businesses who are looking to reap the benefits. McKinsey reported that 71% of consumers are looking for integrated experiences. As customers become increasingly digital-savvy, it’s no surprise that they are looking for slick journeys when shopping.

Which integrations does Airwallex offer?

Airwallex has an extensive suite of integrations on offer, maximising the opportunity for businesses to increase efficiencies and build value.

We connect with popular platforms across accounting services, productivity, eCommerce, sales and marketing. Here are just a few of our customers’ favourites.


Get ready to bypass admin and operate at speed. When you connect with accounting software – like one of our user favourites, Xero – you can streamline your cash flow cycle, automate tasks, and categorise expenses directly to your chart of accounts.

“With Airwallex, all payments are put directly into Xero with no limit, making it very simple to reconcile. We can quickly see what’s going in and coming out of each Global Account.” - Jack Grace, Lux Skin Founder


Our users also love our Netsuite integration, which we’ve recently made even more powerful. Users can automatically synchronise transactions in their NetSuite accounts for the latest view of their financial position in a single platform. This January, we’ve added Airwallex Expenses and Bill Pay functions to the integration; NetSuite users will now be able to connect their accounting software with Airwallex to automatically sync expenses and invoices for faster reconciliation.


Powering your checkout with Airwallex can transform your Shopify operations. With a quick and easy set up, users can eliminate costly foreign exchange fees and accept card payments without any payment redirection, making for a better shopping experience for your customers.


Anyone in the sales game knows, customer data is king. So what could be better than leveraging Airwallex’s advanced payment systems for your sales operations? Businesses can get paid faster, use payment links directly in Hubspot and enjoy greater visibility over payment activities.

Eager to see what else is on offer? Check out our full list of integrations.

How do Airwallex users generate value from our integrations?

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s how some of our users create everyday value from our world class integrations.


Gold Coast at-home pottery company Crockd uses our Xero integration to gain valuable customer insights and save four hours of admin each week. The integration empowers data-driven decision making and an improved customer experience, as the team can access hourly pulse checks on their global cash flow and receive proactive email notifications on payment issues, leading to a 30% faster issue resolution.

“Airwallex has made managing our money frictionless so that we can spend less time on the back-end that doesn’t add any value to our customer. Instead, we can focus on delivering a better customer experience at a global scale.” – Andrew Ford and Rosa-Claire Willis, Founders, Crockd

Lux Skin

Australian skincare brand Lux Skin has also tapped into major time savings by integrating with Xero. Before Airwallex, the team was navigating data import issues and transaction limits, which were causing major headaches. Now, all payments are synched directly to Xero with no limit, and the team enjoys great visibility of their global accounts’ activity.


The sustainability champions at KeepCup have found major value in Airwallex’s integration capabilities. Enjoying the benefits from day one, the team was able to connect to their existing finance stack rapidly and start generating value instantly.

“Airwallex’s offerings have also been simple to integrate with our existing systems like Magento and the traditional banks we use in our backend, which is very valuable to us.” - Abigail Forsyth, Founder, KeepCup

Get connected, reap the benefits

You may be building out a great tech stack to streamline your business, but until your systems are fully integrated – you could be creating more admin for your team. Tap into the most productive way of working and drive business impacts with our powerful suite of integrations.

Learn more about our integrations or get started with your free borderless account now.

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Isabelle Comber
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Izzy is a business finance writer for Airwallex. She specialises in thought leadership that empowers businesses to grow without boundaries.

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