Enhance your business with API driven integration

Airwallex APIs enable direct interaction between our platform and your existing financial and payments systems to automate international payment, collection, and foreign exchange across your organisation.


Connecting your business to the world through extensive networks and strong bank partnerships.


A tech led approach to FX and payments to support businesses with a smarter way of working internationally.


APIs integrate seamlessly to deliver a scalable and automated solution to a complex global challenge.

Straight forward integration with existing tools

Our APIs are designed to work seamlessly with your existing financial and ERP platforms, meaning there are no difficult migrations from deeply ingrained legacy systems. Take advantage of powerful solutions that can be quickly and easibly adopted by all team members.

Powerful, affordable, and quick to market

APIs require less time and effort to integrate than traditional payment and FX solutions, meaning you have access to enhanced payment capabilities faster, and with a lower investment of important resources.

Highly automated and easily scalable

Smart automation allows you to free up and reallocate employee and operational resources, reducing the need for manual processing and the risk of human error. The scalability of the platform provides the ability to transact at high volumes to meet the needs of your organisation.

Embrace intelligent automation

Our developer platform delivers a seamless payments experience. Take advantage of smart automation to streamline your operations and reduce manual intervention.

Access our product suite using APIs

APIs enable independent digital systems to connect seamlessly, sharing information and features to enhance a systems capabilities. Use our APIs to automate international payment, collection, and foreign exchange in your system.


Global accounts to collect funds from around the world.

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Foreign exchange at competitive wholesale comparable rates.

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High speed, low cost international payments.

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Scale enables platforms to bring their subsidiaries, business partners and clients together in a single, centralised solution, delivering powerful account management, collection, conversion and payment capabilities.

Explore our Web App


Designed for small to medium businesses, Web App gives you quick access to our suite of products in a straightforward and intuitive web interface. Use Web App as a pre-integration path to market.

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