Release Notes: February 2022

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Release Notes: February 2022

Hi, again. How’s business been since we last spoke? Are you winning new customers? Hitting your productivity goals? Saving money here and there?

Over the past month, we’ve been busy rolling out a bunch of new features and improvements to untangle your finances and help you grow your business — further and a whole lot faster. Have a read of what’s new in Airwallex in February.

New features 🎉

💸 One file, hundreds of individual payments.

This first one’s for all you Aussie businesses out there. Airwallex now supports ABA (Australian Bankers Association) files to make domestic payroll and other batch payments. Head to Transfers to create a new ABA batch transfer and upload your Direct Entry or Cemtext file the next time you pay your employees or suppliers. There’s no getting back with your bank now.

🇺🇸 Our virtual cards are now available in America.

Ready to simplify your finance tech stack with Airwallex virtual Company and Employee cards? Set your team up with Borderless cards for business trips, software subscriptions, advertising, team events and everything in between. Create your first cards via our web app in a matter of minutes.

🇬🇧 It’s official. Physical cards have landed in the UK.

Stay in control of your budgets and get branded physical cards for your whole team. Create Employee cards in seconds for any in-store or on-the-go purchases, powered by Visa. Customise the look and feel to represent your brand with pride and style.

🇸🇬 Singaporean Dollar accounts at your fingertips.

Hello, Singapore. You can now open Global Accounts to receive payments in SGD with the click of a button. No need to visit a bank branch or make a minimum deposit to get started. Simply fire up our web app to start collecting SGD and 10 other currencies.

⚠️ Control spending proactively with email notifications.

We’ve added new notifications settings to help card admins control usage or top-up funds at their desk. If you’d prefer to keep your inbox light, you can customise your notification settings under the Notifications tab in your user profile.

📱 Keep your business moving on Android.

Android users can now track every dollar on the go with transaction notifications every time your employee card is charged. Download the latest version of the Android app to get started.

👛 Running a business in Hong Kong? Leave your wallet at home.

Hey, Hong Kong. Your smartphone does it all now. Airwallex cards are now compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay™. Create a card in seconds to conveniently pay for business trips, client coffees and more with your digital wallet.

Improvements 🎨

🤑 Got suppliers or employees in Indonesia or the Philippines? We’ve tightened up our FX costs on IDR and PHP. 

So the next time you convert Indonesian rupiah or Philippine peso, you’ll notice an improvement in the exchange pricing. It’s your money, you should keep more of it.

💌 New personalisation features for your deposit confirmation letters. 

Made a deposit lately? You may have noticed we revamped your funds deposit confirmation letters. You can now tailor these letters with your customer’s unique entity details and other regulatory information. Available for both our Business Account and Platform customers in English and Mandarin.

🌎 More good news for Android users. You can now add funds to your domestic and foreign currency accounts on the go.

We’ve made some big improvements to our Android mobile app this month, allowing users with wallet permissions to view, share details and add money to your Global Accounts.

The problem: Your wallet balance wasn’t all you wanted in the palm of your hand. You needed an easier way to check the details of your foreign currency accounts, too.

The solution: You can now access the full list of Global Accounts in different currencies within your wallet via the app. We’re adding new functionality soon, so you can also create new foreign currency accounts, anytime, anywhere.

Upcoming arrivals 🧳

🏃 Get ready to kick your expense process into line.

Legacy corporate cards and fragmented tools give finance teams little oversight of where their dollars are being spent, and come with some costly fine print. We set out to build smarter, secure and automated card features that connect directly to your accounting software.

Australia, Hong Kong, Great Britain, America, you can be the first to modernise your expense policy with Airwallex Expenses. Sign-up to your region’s waitlist above, and we’ll help you sort out expenses for good.

🚀 Supercharge your money management with Netsuite.

Want Airwallex to work better with your internal teams, solutions and processes? Very soon, you'll be able to seamlessly integrate with your favourite Netsuite tools. Sign-up for early access to pay your bills, auto-sync card transactions and see all your expenses and currency balances with live bank feeds.

That’s the end of our February release round-up. We hope these new features and improvements will help you continue to streamline your operations and unlock borderless opportunities for your business.

Have something you’d like to see earlier for your region on our roadmap? Let us know here.

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