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Over 100,000 companies around the world trust Airwallex’s software and APIs to simplify their global payments and financial operations, unlock new opportunities, and grow without limits.

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Your financial universe on one platform

Software and APIs to manage everything from global payments, treasury, and spend to embedded finance.

Why businesses of all sizes choose Airwallex

Why businesses of all sizes choose Airwallex


No bank queues or lengthy paperwork – get set up online

Lightning fast

Over 70% of transfers arrive within the same day

Cost effective

Cut out needless FX fees and improve your profit margins

We don't do bots

Our award winning service team is ready to help

Cloud native

We’re built for businesses that live in the cloud

Safe & reliable

Our security is based on the highest international standards

Peace of mind

We worry about global compliance so you don’t have to

trust and security

Security is at our core


We hold your money with leading global financial institutions. Your funds are always safeguarded in line with the local regulations where Airwallex operates. For more information on how we keep your funds safe, click here.

Security first

Our modern infrastructure allows us to implement best-in-class security controls which are monitored 24/7 to keep your account safe.

Highest standards

Airwallex meets the highest international security standards including PCI DSS, SOC1, and SOC2 compliance, in addition to our local regulatory requirements.


Airwallex is regulated by the Customs & Excise Department and holds a Money Service Operators license (MSO License No. 16-09-01929).

Tap into the world’s local payments network

Airwallex’s proprietary local payments network offers you a faster, more cost-effective, and transparent alternative to legacy banking. Operate like a local business from anywhere in the world - open accounts with local bank details in minutes online, accept payments in local currency to avoid costly forced conversion fees, convert currencies at interbank rates, and make high-speed transfers around the world in a few clicks.

countries where you can open accounts with local bank details

countries to which you can make local transfers

global payments processed annually

countries from which you can accept payments

Trusted by 100,000+ businesses

Here’s what they say

"Airwallex is an innovative fintech platform with a first-class customer support team. They transformed the previously painful process of creating corporate cards into something simple."

"Using Airwallex’s FX and international payment services, we can pay global employees directly in local currencies within the same day via local routes, avoiding high TT charges while enjoying market-beating exchange rates."

"After using Airwallex, we are able to use the company cards to directly settle our foreign currency transactions. Airwallex doesn’t charge us any international transaction fees or TT fees."

"Each transaction takes only minutes to half an hour to be settled. I will definitely recommend Airwallex, especially with the efficiency and ease of use."

"Before Airwallex, we had no idea when our payments were going to reach our suppliers. Using Airwallex instead of traditional banks has increased the speed of our overseas transfers and optimised our cashflow significantly. We've also saved up to 99% of our TT and FX fees."

"Typically, traditional banks take up to 2-3 days to process a transaction. With Airwallex, we can make same-day transfers around the clock and pay our employees all over the world easily."

"Global growth is essential in startups. Airwallex is a tech-oriented company with a strong API, competitive rates and a smooth platform. It offers us tailor-made financial operating solutions."

"We hope to expand overseas in order to enlarge the customer base. Airwallex’s customers-first approach and new features are a good fit for our business needs."

"Airwallex helped us streamline the entire process, enabling us to keep track of our finances in a glance, without having to connect to another account to see our customer payments."

"Since using Airwallex, we basically don’t have to use traditional banks anymore. From receiving and sending payments to expense management, Airwallex is our one-stop solution."

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