Expense management made easy

End-to-end expense management for every business — easily upload receipts for approval, reconcile your expenses in one place and gain real-time visibility over your card spending.

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More visibility, complete control

Manage seamless approval workflows

Submit, review, and approve expenses with a click, putting your expense management workflows on autopilot.

Control spending before it happens

Help employees spend responsibly with card spend limits for every use case—from business lunches to subscription renewals.

Minimise any oversight

Set enforceable limits on your expense policies and get a 360-degree view of your card purchases with live transaction feeds.

Scale your business, not your workload

Free up your team from expense admin

No more frantic month-end deadlines. Eliminate reimbursements and review card transactions as they flow through in real-time.

Ensure seamless compliance

Never worry about a mystery payment again. Store all those miscellaneous tax invoices and receipts so you’ll never get caught out.

Manage expenses on the go

Upload receipts, categorise expenses and get notifications via the Airwallex mobile app.

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All-in-one employee card experience

Empower your team to pay for what they need with an Airwallex Borderless Card, now with in-built expense management.

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The perfect companion to Xero

Easily upload and track receipts

Log card transactions, categorise expenses directly to your chart of accounts, know exactly why each purchase was made.

Close your books faster

Seamlessly sync your expense data and receipts into Xero to make reconciling and month-end reporting a breeze.

Give time back to your finance team

Automatically assign expenses to the right accounting categories. Close the books faster each month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an expense management solution?

An expense management solution is software that helps businesses manage employee-initiated spending on corporate cards.

With Airwallex Expenses, you can issue digital, physical and virtual cards that empower your teams to pay for what they need, without relinquishing visibility or control.

Why is expense management important?

Expense management is necessary for businesses to stay in control of their cash flow, approve purchases made by employees and meet month-end reporting requirements.

An expense management solution, like Airwallex Expenses, let’s you simplify reimbursements and review card transactions as they flow through in real-time.

How does expense management work?

A modern solution, like Airwallex Expenses, will allow you to set card limits, track spending (by card or employee) and reduce the time and effort spent on administration and bookkeeping. 

It should also integrate with your accounting software, like Xero.

Do I have to pay for employee cards?

Employee cards are free if Airwallex Expenses is disabled. We only bill for your active cardholders when you activate Airwallex Expenses.

What if I disable Airwallex Expenses halfway through the month?

You will only get billed for the parts of the month in which Airwallex Expenses is active. If you disable Airwallex Expenses during the month, you will no longer be billed cardholders for the remainder of the cycle.

Will I be charged for company cards?

You can continue to issue and use Company Cards, free of charge, whether or not you activate Airwallex Expenses. Note that company cards are unavailable in Apple Pay or Google Pay.

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