Caught us at XeroCon? Get 10% cashback on your first $1,000 of international card spend

*Start saving on everyday business expenses. Get rewarded with 10% cashback on your first USD1,000 equivalent in eligible international card spend.

Use the above button to activate the promo. Available to new Airwallex AU customers only. See promotional terms and conditions for more information.

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Use the above button to activate the promo. Available to new Airwallex AU customers only. See promotional terms and conditions for more information.

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1. Log in to your account

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2. Click "Connections"

You’ll find connections on the left side navigation.

3. Connect to Xero

From here, you’ll need to sign into your Xero account.

4. Choose currencies

Create your bank feeds that automatically sync to Xero.

Don’t waste hours managing your books and cash flow. Automate it with Xero and Airwallex

Manage your global cash flow without the red tape

Airwallex lets you open global currency accounts quickly, without leaving your office.

Automate hands-on accounting processes

Your transactions will be automatically reconciled and categorised, saving you hours each week.

Never miss a beat with hourly transaction sync

Xero automatically ensures that your books are up to date every single hour.

Say goodbye to expensive foreign exchange and transfer fees

Enjoy zero international or monthly fees¹ and market-leading exchange rates².

¹Other fees and charges apply. ²The above estimations are calculated using published rates for the Big Four banks, and using our rates that apply to new customers from 17 October 2022. You can find more information on how we calculated our savings here.

Keep track of monthly expenses, invoices paid and payments received

Create bank feeds in Xero for each currency that automatically reconcile international and domestic payments. Never have to manually import or create entries.

Map bank feeds and set up automated rules

Save hours a week with advanced hands-off bookkeeping. Based on variables you set, Xero will automatically transfer money between currencies, different accounts, pay vendors — and more, without manual intervention.

Gain visibility into your international cash flow

Xero integration bank feed

Xero automatically categorises each transaction with clear descriptions and accounting codes. This way you can quickly surface past expenses, payments and deposits inside Xero’s visual interface to see all the details you need.

Xero integration bank feed

Customer story

Crockd makes faster, data-driven decisions with full visibility of their global cash flow in Xero

Airwallex's Xero integration gave the Crockd team hourly pulse checks on their global cash flow. This allows their team to make faster, data-driven decisions. The team also receives proactive email notifications on payment issues, allowing faster resolution with their suppliers and upholding the customer experience.

4 hours

of admin saved each week

Read their story

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