Airwallex Rewards Program

Airwallex Rewards Program

These terms and conditions (‘Terms’) set out the terms and conditions of your participation in the Airwallex Rewards Program operated by Airwallex (Cayman) Limited and its affiliates (‘Airwallex’, ‘us’, ‘our’ or ‘we’). The Airwallex Rewards Program (‘Program’) allows an existing Airwallex customer (‘you’) to receive certain discounts or benefits (‘Rewards’) from third parties (‘Airwallex Partners’) who have a business relationship with us, if you meet the eligibility criteria.

By participating in the Airwallex Rewards Program or clicking on the Reward to be directed to the Reward Partner’s website, you agree to these Terms.

Who is eligible to participate in the Airwallex Rewards Program?

To be eligible to participate in the Airwallex Rewards Program, you must be a business who is an existing customer of Airwallex using an Airwallex Account through Webapp. Those existing customers that use an Airwallex Account through a third party user interface are not eligible to participate in the Airwallex Rewards Program, unless Airwallex expressly permits in writing.

In addition, you must be directed to the Reward Partner’s website from the Airwallex Webapp Rewards Page. If you do not do this, Airwallex and/or the Airwallex Partner will not be able to provide you with the Reward.

There may be other eligibility criteria set out in the Reward Conditions (defined below) applicable to a particular Reward as well as to customers in particular regions which will be set out in the Region Specific Conditions of these Terms.

The eligibility criteria must be satisfied at the time of redirection to the Reward Partner’s website and must continue to be satisfied at all times to receive the Rewards under the Airwallex Rewards Program. For example, a sole trader cannot cease its business and continue to claim Rewards when not operating a business.

What Rewards can you earn?

Airwallex has partnered with Airwallex Partners to offer different Rewards to you, which may change from time to time. The nature of the Rewards will be set out in the Airwallex Webapp Rewards Page and will be subject to terms and conditions stipulated by Airwallex on the Airwallex Webapp Rewards Page and/or the Reward Partner on the Reward Partner’s website (‘Reward Conditions’).

In some instances, certain products, services, or offerings are expressly excluded by the Reward Partner You should ensure that you fully understand the Reward Conditions and any related exclusions, terms, conditions, and requirements as displayed in the Reward Partner’s offer description before transacting with the Reward Partner.

For example, certain Airwallex Partners may state in its offer description that a discount code is required to be added upon check out. If you do not enter the discount code, you will not be eligible for that particular Reward.

Airwallex and/or Reward Partners may at their respective discretion provide certain Program participants with personalised offers and, therefore, Rewards may differ amongst participants in the Airwallex Rewards Program.

You must use the weblink to a Reward Partner’s website that is provided by Airwallex when you wish to redeem a Reward. If you sign up to a Reward Partner’s website through other channels (such as directly through the Reward Partner’s homepage), Airwallex and/or the Reward Partner will not be able to track your application to provide the Reward to you.

Who provides the Rewards?

The Rewards are offered by the Reward Partners directly to you, unless Airwallex expressly indicates that Airwallex is providing the Reward to you. While Airwallex has taken reasonable steps to ensure Reward Partners will fulfill any Reward you are eligible to receive, Airwallex does not make any warranty or representation about the Reward Partner and disclaims all liability to fulfill or otherwise honour any Reward offered by a Reward Partner to you (to the extent permitted by applicable law). If you have any claim regarding a Reward, you should direct that claim to the Reward Partner directly.

When will you receive a particular Reward?

Unless the Reward Conditions set out something else, Rewards should be applied immediately upon transacting with the Reward Partner. However, the Rewards may take up to 90 days from your transaction date to be reflected. Airwallex has no control over the Reward Partner’s processing times. If you have any questions or complaints about earning a Reward, you should direct them to the Reward Partner.

When do Rewards lapse or expire?

Rewards are granted when you satisfy the Reward Conditions of the Reward. Unless the Reward Conditions set out something else, a Reward must generally be taken up or utilised within a reasonable time (generally being within 90 days of being eligible to receive the Reward).

The offer for a Reward may be withdrawn or changed at any time by Airwallex and/or a Reward Partner without notice. This includes, but is not limited to:

withdrawing or changing the range of Rewards offered to or advertised as being potentially available under the Program may be withdrawn or changed at any time; or changing the advertised conditions of a Reward including any Reward Conditions (unless you have satisfied such conditions or have already started satisfying such conditions)

Is there any cost to participate in the Airwallex Rewards Program?

Airwallex does not charge you to participate in the Airwallex Rewards Program. However, for some Rewards you may need to pay certain amounts including minimum fees and charges to Reward Partners as part of the Reward Conditions.

What are some other restrictions you should know?

Rewards are not redeemable for cash or other payment forms. Rewards are not available in conjunction with other offers, packages or promotions. Rewards may be reversed if any eligible transaction referred to in the Reward Conditions is subsequently cancelled, suspended, frozen or refunded so that the Reward Conditions are not satisfied.
Airwallex and/or Rewards Partners reserve the right to set a limit on the number of Rewards you may obtain under the Airwallex Rewards Program if you excessively claim or abuse the Program. The requirements for receiving, and the amount of Rewards are subject to change at the sole discretion of Airwallex and/or Rewards Partners. The Rewards are granted to the customer who is recorded as the account holder of the Airwallex Account. You cannot transfer any Reward to a third person including to any of your employees, agents, officers or contractors. You must use the Program fairly and reasonably. This means that you must not use any automated systems, bots, scripts or phone dialers to seek to earn Rewards.

Termination and changes

Your participation in the Airwallex Rewards Program is not guaranteed and may be revoked at any time in Airwallex’s sole discretion in accordance with these Terms.

Airwallex, acting reasonably, may at any time and without prior notice, cancel, suspend, or change the Airwallex Rewards Program or any part of it where it becomes necessary to do so. For example, if we determine that the Airwallex Rewards Program is no longer commercially feasible or because it may violate any law or the intellectual property of another. However, such discontinuation, suspension or change will not affect any Reward already earned.

Further, Airwallex reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to suspend or cancel the Rewards if we suspect that you are using the Airwallex Rewards Program in a fraudulent or unlawful manner or for a fraudulent or unlawful purpose or if you are in breach of any of these Terms or any of our terms and conditions you have agreed to with Airwallex.

If Airwallex reasonably believes a change to any part of the Program will have a detrimental impact on you, Airwallex will provide you with 14 days’ notice of such change, at our sole discretion:

  • via the Airwallex website;
  • via the Airwallex Webapp;
  • by direct electronic communications sent to you.

Privacy & Security

Any personal information that you provide to us will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Region Specific Conditions


In Australia, the Airwallex Rewards Program is operated by Airwallex Pty Ltd ABN 37 609 653 312 (Airwallex Australia). You are only eligible to participate in the Airwallex Rewards Program if you:

  • are a business and are currently incorporated in Australia; and
  • have a current and valid account Airwallex Account;

In relation to Program participants in Australia, these Terms are governed by the law of the State of Victoria. You may have rights and consumer guarantees that cannot be limited by Airwallex under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) and similar legislation. These Terms do not limit any such rights or guarantees.

The Airwallex Rewards Program is currently only available to Airwallex customers who hold an Airwallex Account with Airwallex Australia.

Other Regions

Unfortunately, customers of Airwallex in other regions are currently not eligible to participate in the Airwallex Rewards Program. Airwallex hopes to make the Airwallex Rewards Program available in other regions in the near future. These Terms will be updated when Airwallex makes those changes.

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