Seamlessly issue and manage multi-currency virtual cards

Issue multi-use or single-use virtual cards, manage cards and monitor transactions with a single integration.

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Automate your card issuing and purchasing

Online travel agents

Programatically allocate single-use cards to foreign travel providers via your existing booking system.

Corporate expenses

Better manage your corporate expense process by seamlessly issuing cards to employees.

Vendor management

Integrate with Airwallex to issue and manage cards based on your existing procurement framework.


Frictionless expense management

Global coverage

Issue cards for real-time payments in domestic and international currencies via our easy-to-use API.

Save on international transactions

Cardholders can make payments with zero international transaction fees while also saving on FX.

Card controls

Set spending rules, such as allowed currencies and merchants, as well as daily or monthly spending limits.

Create fast, powerful workflows with our Issuing API

Developer friendly

Unlock enterprise-grade card issuing capability with our fully featured API.

Endlessly scalable

Scale up your card issuing without additional configuration as you grow.

Fully certified

Our Issuing API is fully compliant to level 1 PCI-DSS standards, which means you don't need to worry about additional certification requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is virtual card issuing?

Virtual card issuing enables you to create virtual payment cards for any one-off or recurring business expense. You can create and issue company or employee cards in seconds. Our card software gives you complete control and oversight of your transaction activity, spending and budgets.

What is API issuing?

Airwallex’s card issuing API lets you create, distribute and manage your own borderless debit cards effortlessly. Modernise your financial processes and create and issue virtual cards for your customers, corporate expenses, vendor management or online travel agents, all ​​while creating an incremental revenue stream for your business.

How do I issue a virtual debit card?

With Airwallex, it’s easy to issue a virtual debit card. In your Airwallex account, go to the left hand navigation and select ‘Cards’, and then select ‘Create your first virtual card’. Enter in the details you need, such as the cardholder’s name, any spending limits and the expiry date, and you can activate and make local or international purchases immediately.

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