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Kat The Label stands for a love of lace, for a love of design, style and details, but most importantly, for self-love. Kat the Label creates lingerie and is designed to help every woman elevate their everyday.




Sydney, Australia

Company Size

5-10 employees

Airwallex Product Used

Global Accounts

Lingerie brand Kat the Label is seamlessly going global with Airwallex

Founded in 2015 by Kate Nixon, Kat the Label is on a mission to elevate everyday lingerie for Australian women. After studying fashion design in Melbourne, Kate had been making bralettes at home in Byron Bay alongside her full-time job in production. After sourcing an offshore manufacturer, Kate decided to take the plunge into launching her own global lingerie brand, and Kat the Label was born. 

Now loved by thousands of women all over the world and having been featured in publications like VOGUE, Broadsheet, Poosh and ELLE, we chatted with Kate about how Kat the Label’s partnership with Airwallex has helped her business become a global sensation.

Retaining USD for the US market

One of the most significant impacts that Kat the Label has experienced since using Airwallex is being able to save money on foreign transaction fees. With an Airwallex Global Account, they’re able to retain the USD they receive from their global customers and wholesalers in the US and use it to pay their suppliers in China. 

“When we first launched, the US dollar was very strong and the Australian dollar was nothing in comparison. A lot of my suppliers in China only accepted payments in USD, so I was losing a lot of money doing foreign transactions. I was trying to figure out a way that I could retain the USD I was receiving,” says Kate.

“When we were using CommBank and TransferWise, I was constantly having to exchange the money back to AUD and then to USD to pay my suppliers. So not only was I losing money from the actual exchange, but there were so many fees associated with using these other services.”

By having Airwallex Global Accounts, Kat the Label are able to skip the costly foreign transaction fees and service fees that traditional banks and other services charge. 

“Now that we’ve grown so much in the US market, I’d say we pay 95% of our suppliers with USD from our Airwallex Global Account. It’s just a simple one-step transaction - you don’t have to buy it and then transfer it to a third party.”

Easy integration with local markets

Using Airwallex has made it easy for Kat the Label to have a local presence in the countries they sell in, making it simple to set their business up with new wholesalers. 

“We have a lot of wholesalers in the US now, like Revolve and Urban Outfitters. Having an account in the local currency with Airwallex has made it simple to set ourselves up as a vendor with these large companies,” says Kate.

“The US is quite behind Australia with their banking system, so being able to provide them with local payment details has made receiving our funds from sales so much easier.”

“Once we secure wholesalers, getting set up with them is so much easier with Airwallex. As an international business, being able to provide our wholesalers with a local banking entity means that they feel more comfortable selling our products - and we get paid quicker!”

Quicker transfers, better service

Kat the Label is able to pass on the benefits of using Airwallex to their customers, with quicker payments to suppliers meaning faster lead times on their products. 

“Using the Airwallex Global Account to pay our suppliers and make other international financial transactions is so much more efficient than a traditional bank,” says Kate. 

“When our factory receives their money in a timely way, they can shift our product more quickly, which essentially means our customers get their lingerie delivered to them faster. It’s a win-win.”

Seamless staff transactions with Borderless Cards

Kat the Label have been able to say goodbye to foreign transaction fees when travelling overseas by using Airwallex’s Borderless Cards. Employees are able to make purchases in multiple currencies from the balances held in the Global Accounts.  

“It’s amazing to know that when my staff are in the US, they’re using the card to just pull money from our US Global Account, so we’re saving foreign transaction fees and ATM fees,” says Kate.

“They’re free to just go down the street and grab coffees for the team using company money, without having to go through a complicated and drawn-out approvals process. I can also pause or cancel the cards whenever I need to, and it makes reconciling at the end of the month much easier, as I know exactly who has purchased what using the Airwallex Expense Management.”

“We also connect the cards to all of our US-based subscriptions like Shopify and international paid advertising. That all comes through Airwallex now too, which again saves us that exchange rate.”

Looking to the future

Kat the Label has big plans to expand their wholesale merchandising into the UK market and believes Airwallex will play a vital role in further expansion.

“Don’t be afraid to take your business global if you have Airwallex on your side. Have your financial processes set up so everything is as streamlined and simple for your team as possible, and then you can dive right in.”

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Airwallex Testimony

“Airwallex is our one-stop shop for all our banking needs, in one easy-to-use interface. Without Airwallex, we would not have been able to scale our business as fast as what we’ve been able to achieve.”

Andrew Ford and Rosa-Clare Willis

Co-founders, Crockd

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“Airwallex has been a game changer for us. I cannot recommend these guys enough. The forex services are super efficient and super competitive. The customer service is not gold-plated, it's solid gold. One of the best eCommerce services for merchants we have come across since Paypal hit the scene 20 years ago."

Murray Kester

CEO, Cosmetics Now

Airwallex Testimony

“The new Expense Management system has been a real time saver for us in relation to the administration of our benefits program. Team members can upload receipts as they shop and we are able to clear our reconciliations much faster this way.”

Tanya Karolia

Payroll & Benefits, Linktree

Airwallex Testimony

“Airwallex provides us with flexibility and cost savings in dealing internationally. We used Airwallex to receive our recent global fundraising round and pay international suppliers and are saving at least 5% per dollar transferred versus the big banks.”

George van Dyck

Finance Manager, Zoomo

Airwallex Testimony

“Having all our global SaaS subscriptions in one place has streamlined our finance processes and enabled better tracking and control of expenses. It’s even better knowing that Airwallex isn’t hitting us with any international transaction fees.”

Warren Durling

Chief Operating Officer, Dovetail

Airwallex Testimony

“Airwallex has made it really easy to pay our suppliers in any currency. We have not only saved $10,000 each month, but our suppliers now get their payments faster and in-full. We receive a notification once it’s dispatched, and it eliminates the worry factor of where our money is at. This is important for us to keep building a strong relationship with our suppliers.”

Danielle Goodwin

Director, Hawkeye Vintage

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