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Bilue brings finances in-house with Airwallex Bill Pay

Discover how Mobile & Cloud Consultancy Bilue partners with Airwallex to take control of their internal finances, streamlining both their corporate spending and accounts payable processes.

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Bilue | Mobile & Cloud Consultancy

20% less accountancy costs

In-house accounts payables function brings costs down and increases control

Entire bill pay process in one place

Single place to capture invoice details, approve, and make payments.

Seamless Xero integration

Reconciliation is a breeze with real-time sync between existing systems

Bilue is a digital services consultancy with headquarters in Sydney, Melbourne, and Manila, who focus on helping Australian businesses, particularly in the financial services, government, and tourism sectors, reach their full potential in the digital space.


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Company size

50 - 100 employees

Airwallex Products Used

Bill Pay

After being founded 13 years ago, the company now has a team of around 80 people offering a broad range of digitally awesome services across mobile, cloud, web, and new emerging technologies. 

Bilue originally connected with Airwallex by playing a pivotal role in developing the Airwallex mobile app. Then, Bilue couldn’t see past the benefits of our products, and decided to bring us onboard to support them in streamlining and scaling their business.

After adopting Airwallex’s Borderless Cards for corporate spending, Bilue is now one of the first proud users of Airwallex’s Bill Pay, a revolutionary new product that enables businesses to pay, manage, and reconcile their domestic and international bills in a single place.

We chatted with Joel Stehr, Bilue’s Chief Operating Officer, to see how Bilue have benefited from Airwallex. 

Borderless Cards for streamlined corporate spending

Using Airwallex Borderless Cards has changed the way Bilue manages their corporate spending in their global offices, simplifying the lives of their employees and making it easy for management to accurately see where their company funds are being spent. 

“The first Airwallex product we adopted was their Borderless Cards for managing all our corporate spending and recurring payments in multiple currencies,” says COO Joel. “The transparency and visibility the cards have provided for us on our spending has been important, as historically this has been vague.”

“We use them to make transactions and track and capture receipts, which has had a major positive advantage when it comes to how quickly we can close our finances at the end of each month. Our accountants are happy, as they don’t have to run around chasing things, and it’s improved the way we report and made it easier come tax time. Additionally, the multi-currency functionality of the cards makes them an effective way to pay for our international expenses in foreign currencies.”

Bringing things in-house with Bill Pay

As soon as Bill Pay became available, Bilue jumped on board and extended their partnership with Airwallex. The revolutionary bill management platform has enabled Bilue to bring its accounting needs in-house and save approximately 20% in related costs along the way.

Airwallex’s Bill Pay offering has given Bilue the ability to conveniently manage their domestic and international supplier bills processes all in one place.

Prior to Airwallex, Bilue was using multiple providers for separate tasks including one tool to capture invoice details, a separate tool for getting approvals, and another tool to make payments. Now Bilue can manage all of these accounts payable workflows within Airwallex.  Employees can upload their invoices and details are extracted using AI and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. Approvals are tracked with multi-layer approvals that can be customised by Bilue’s admins and once approved, both domestic and international bills can be automatically paid, ensuring suppliers are paid on time. 

Joel Stehr

Bilue Chief Operating Officer

"Airwallex Bill Pay has given us better control over our finances, and has helped us roll up important strategic budgeting and forecasting capabilities. It’s also improved our relationship with our suppliers, because we now never miss a beat with paying them on time."

Using Airwallex’s integration with Xero, all transactions are synced - Blue’s finance team can easily view invoice and payment details alongside each other without having to switch between systems, speeding up the reconciliation process each month.

“We’re a small organisation, but we’ve grown fairly substantially over the last couple of years. Using Airwallex has enabled us to gain a level of independence through in-house capabilities to take on things that were previously outsourced - such as accounts payable.”

Seamless adoption and integration

Joel says that if he could summarise the experience of adopting and integrating Airwallex, it would be “super simple and super easy”. 

“I come from an enterprise applications background where onboarding new applications can be difficult. With Airwallex, this was chalk and cheese, as we were able to easily issue cards, get our expense management set up, organise approvals, and get Bill Pay up and running - all within a few days.”

Why choose Airwallex?

Having worked with Airwallex as a supplier before when building our app, Bilue knew we have a great story and a strong reputation in helping businesses reach their full financial potential. 

“We actually originally started on a path with one of Airwallex’s competitors, but this didn’t last long for a variety of reasons,” says Joel. 

“Our decision process with choosing Airwallex was based around the relationship we had at the time and knowing they were an amazing team. We had a great level of comfort that they were a reputable organisation with high standards around their information security, which was a big ticket item for us.”

“While we have a small team, Airwallex has enabled us to easily provide transparency and visibility to our stakeholders, which has also boosted our efficiency. We now have clean, simple, easy processes. 

“The Airwallex team will also reach out to us when they’re developing additional features to input on how they may be useful for us, which I really appreciate.”

Having a good understanding of Airwallex’s suite of products has helped Bilue assess where they could save money by bringing things in-house, says Joel. 

“Fostering our relationship with Airwallex has helped us connect with a team who know the problems we’re experiencing as a business and are able to genuinely assist us with remedying these issues. It’s great, helpful support that’s made us think “okay, we’re not alone in this, and there are people and platforms who can help us improve.”

Over 100,000 companies around the world trust Airwallex’s software and APIs to simplify their global payments and financial operations, unlock new opportunities, and grow without limits. If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, explore the Airwallex product suite today.

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“Airwallex is our one-stop shop for all our banking needs, in one easy-to-use interface. Without Airwallex, we would not have been able to scale our business as fast as what we’ve been able to achieve.”

Andrew Ford and Rosa-Clare Willis

Co-founders, Crockd

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“Airwallex has been a game changer for us. I cannot recommend these guys enough. The forex services are super efficient and super competitive. The customer service is not gold-plated, it's solid gold. One of the best eCommerce services for merchants we have come across since Paypal hit the scene 20 years ago."

Murray Kester

CEO, Cosmetics Now

Airwallex Testimony

“The new Expense Management system has been a real time saver for us in relation to the administration of our benefits program. Team members can upload receipts as they shop and we are able to clear our reconciliations much faster this way.”

Tanya Karolia

Payroll & Benefits, Linktree

Airwallex Testimony

“Airwallex provides us with flexibility and cost savings in dealing internationally. We used Airwallex to receive our recent global fundraising round and pay international suppliers and are saving at least 5% per dollar transferred versus the big banks.”

George van Dyck

Finance Manager, Zoomo

Airwallex Testimony

“Having all our global SaaS subscriptions in one place has streamlined our finance processes and enabled better tracking and control of expenses. It’s even better knowing that Airwallex isn’t hitting us with any international transaction fees.”

Warren Durling

Chief Operating Officer, Dovetail

Airwallex Testimony

“Airwallex has made it really easy to pay our suppliers in any currency. We have not only saved $10,000 each month, but our suppliers now get their payments faster and in-full. We receive a notification once it’s dispatched, and it eliminates the worry factor of where our money is at. This is important for us to keep building a strong relationship with our suppliers.”

Danielle Goodwin

Director, Hawkeye Vintage

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