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Fast growing, Australian businesses are switching to Airwallex to save on everyday money transfers – whether on international customers, suppliers or staff.

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Save more on international money transfers with Airwallex

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FX markup


Interbank rate


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The above FX rate includes includes our standard customer margin. For payments made using SWIFT, we charge a fee from AUD $10, which is not factored in with this cost. You can avoid SWIFT fees by using other payment options. For more information, please review our Fee Schedule and Country Payout Guide.

Switch to Airwallex and start saving on everyday money transfers

Save up to 90% on FX¹

Pay just 0.3% or 0.6% FX margin above the interbank exchange rate depending on the currency. That's it, no hidden fees.

Pay fast & in full

Have payments received in as little as one business day, with the full amount on delivery guaranteed.

Our best rate guaranteed

Get access to our best FX rates regardless of your transaction size. Perfect for businesses big and small.

¹The above estimations are calculated based on published rates for the Big Four banks. You can find more information on how we calculated our savings here

Send global transfers like a true local

AU customer make global transfers

High-speed domestic and international transfers

Pay out to 150+ countries in 40+ currencies at the click of a button. Send fast transfers like a true local, with the full amount on delivery guaranteed.

Bank-beating rates

Bypass the SWIFT network for faster, cheaper and more transparent transfers. With zero transaction fees and market-leading FX rates no matter the transaction size.

Global Accounts

Collect payments in multiple currencies in your Global Account and pay out with zero fees. Avoid unnecessary FX conversions and improve your margins.

AU customer make global transfers

Work smarter, not harder

AU work smarter

International batch payments

Pay international employees and suppliers in one go, with batch payments. Send multiple payments around the world in a few clicks.

ABA bank transfers

Streamline your domestic payroll and supplier payments and reconcile transactions automatically in your accounting software.

Hassle free invoice payments

Pay local bills easily and securely via BPAY®, and cut down on admin.

AU work smarter

Protect against risk

AU customer make global transfers

Approval workflows

Eliminate human error and fraud risk with approval workflows. Easily draft, review and approve transfers before dispatch.

User permissions

Set individual permissions for team members and third parties. Decide who can draft and approve transfers, and grant ‘view only’ access to your bookkeeper.

Multi-factor authentication

Verify each transfer with multi-factor authentication for added security.

AU customer make global transfers

The global business account that lets you do more, for less

FX margin

0.3% or 0.6% above interbank

Domestic transfers (AUD)


Batch transfers


International card transactions


*Where payments are made through Airwallex’s payment network there are no payment fees. However any payments made via the SWIFT network will still incur a payment fee from $10AUD. Click here for more information. **For card transactions, you will access our interbank rates plus small margin for the following currencies: AUD, USD, GBP, EUR, HKD, CAD, NZD, SGD, THB, JPY, CHF. For less frequently traded currencies, we will use the Visa rate.

How much does an international payment cost?

Send payments to countries in their local currency (eg USD to US) for free with our proprietary, local payment technology. We only charge a small margin on FX conversions. To send money overseas, see below for the currencies we support.

Access interbank rates² + 0.3% fees

Access interbank rates² + 0.6% fees


Sending non-local currencies overseas (e.g. USD to China)? We can still help but we will need to use the SWIFT network and charge a small payment fee from $10AUD. This is to cover the cost of using the SWIFT network.

²Where possible, we offer live exchange rates. Click here to find out more.

*CNY has an additional 0.1% payout fee. Will require additional information to enable, please speak to one of our product specialists

**To pay suppliers in these currencies, please speak to one of our product specialists here

Xero Integration

Make bookkeeping a breeze

bank feeds showing payments reconciling into Xero

Quick and easy integration

Link your Airwallex and Xero accounts in just a few clicks.

Multi-currency transaction syncing

Sync your multi-currency Airwallex transactions to Xero, including who made the transaction and where.

Syncs hourly

Ensure your Xero transaction records are up to date for your accountant or bookkeeper.

bank feeds showing payments reconciling into Xero

Customer story

The Sheet Society accelerates global expansion by winning back profit from FX fees to reinvest in growth

By paying their global suppliers and software subscriptions through Airwallex, The Sheet Society save over AUD$12,000 each month. The team also saves 4 hours each week by automating recurring payments with the Airwallex Xero integration. This has allowed the team time to reinvest back into the business to keep up with customer demand whilst having greater visibility of their cash flow.


savings per month from FX fees

Read their story

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an international money transfer?

An international money transfer is like any other transfer. You don’t need to open a business account with a bank in a foreign country to send a payment overseas.

In fact, with Airwallex, you can select your preferred currency to pay in with no hidden fees and our best FX rate, regardless of how big or small your business is.

What is the fastest way to transfer money internationally?

Hate delays? You no longer have to wait several business days for your funds to reach a foreign destination. 

There’s a new breed of high-speed, low-cost international payments platforms that help businesses make faster payments across the globe.

With Airwallex, you can pay international customers, suppliers or staff in as little as one business day, regardless of the transaction size.

How to send money overseas without fees

If you use a traditional bank account, you’re likely to get stung with hidden fees and double charges. 

So even if the big banks specify ‘no fees’, you’re still going to wonder where all your money went.

With Airwallex, you’ll pay just 0.3% or 0.6% FX margin above the interbank exchange rate between the two currencies of your choice.

We're not a bank, we're better.

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