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Start generating competitive returns on your funds

Airwallex Yield gives you the opportunity to earn competitive returns on your multi-currency balances - no minimum lock up period required.

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Maximise your money with multi-currency returns

Yield gives you the opportunity to securely generate returns on multiple currency balances via Airwallex’s investments into low-risk money market funds.

Generate returns from exposure to leading funds

Airwallex invests in highly-rated money market funds with decades of strong performance.

Earn on multiple currencies

Grow your multi-currency balances without having to open multiple accounts.

No lock-up periods required

Easily move funds between your cash balances and Yield account as needed to keep your business growing.

Grow your funds with minimal risk

Your funds are held in a diversified portfolio of short-term, highly-rated securities.

Get Started

Start growing your funds in just a few clicks


Sign up for a Yield account

Your Yield account is integrated within the Airwallex app. Move funds as often as you'd like between your Wallet and your Yield account.


Sit back and put your money to work

Returns are earned on a daily basis. Easily track your lifetime earnings across currencies.


Cash out whenever you need

Funds generally settle from your Yield account to your cash balances in 1-2 business days.

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