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Acquiring pricing comparison disclaimer

Acquiring Savings Comparison. Our Acquiring pricing comparison is based on comparing Airwallex standard fee schedule against published fee schedule available on the official website of some of the global leading acquirers.

How do we work out the savings? We collect the published fee schedule from the official website of other leading acquirers. In general, the acquiring services fee is a combination of fixed fee (fixed charge per transaction) and variable fee (% charge on transaction volume). Several factors will determine the unit cost of your fixed and variable fee, including but not limited to, the country or region of your business entity, payment methods you integrated and the country or region of your customers. Your annual acquiring service fee will then be calculated based on the number of your transactions and your transaction volume. For comparison purposes, we calculate the average of acquiring service fees charged by other leading players in different scenarios. In each of the scenarios, Airwallex offers you a very competitive price, and thus we provide you an estimation on how much we could save you from other acquirers.

What does this mean for you? Airwallex is committed to transparency and will be upfront about our fee schedule. We developed this simple calculator to increase the level of transparency by comparing our acquiring service fees against other providers. So businesses like you are aware of potential savings that Airwallex can offer.