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Create virtual and physical employee cards in minutes, for free.

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286 reviews on
Virtual Visa cards for business being created online via the Airwallex platform

Pay anywhere, anytime with Borderless Cards

Available in minutes

Virtual cards are activated instantly so you can make necessary purchases right away with Apple Pay.

Stay in control of team budgets

Track spend in real-time to monthly or total spend limits so you're always on budget.

Save on global expenses

Pay with your multi-currency balance with zero international card transaction fees.

Company Cards

Regain control and visibility of team budgets and software subscriptions

virtual debit card transactions

Virtual cards that scale with you

Create a dedicated virtual card for each expense category or subscription to better track, manage or freeze spend.

Cancel subscriptions with a click

No more chasing down forgotten logins or sitting on long calls. Easily cancel the card linked to the subscription from your Airwallex app.

No fees for Company cards

Create company cards and use Airwallex Expenses for free. Find out more about Company and Expense cards here.

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virtual debit card transactions

Employee Cards

Empower your team to pay for what they need

employee virtual and physical debit cards

Create virtual or physical cards in minutes

Set your team up with dedicated logins and cards in a few clicks, with no branch visits needed. Now available on Apple Pay or Google Pay™.

Track your card spend to budget in real-time

With your own employee login, you can track spend to monthly card limits so you stay ahead of your budget.

No more chasing down receipts

Eliminate the wait to be reimbursed for business expenses on your personal card and misplaced receipts. Enjoy a free trial until 30 June 2022 when you activate Employee cards now. See full pricing details here.

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employee virtual and physical debit cards

Empower your team with corporate cards, without the overhead

Create employee cards in minutes

Set flexible daily, monthly or transaction limits to help your team track to budget and limit risk of unexpected purchases.

Manage your cards online

Create, freeze or cancel employee cards in minutes to protect your business funds.

Save up to 3% on your international SaaS

Pay for your USD-priced SaaS with zero international card transaction fees and better FX rates than the major banks.

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Manage card spend with in-built expense management

Spend on travel, food and subscriptions

Improve your oversight

Reconcile your expenses in one place and gain real-time visibility over your card spending.

Control spending as it happens

Track receipts, review expense approvals and set monthly card limits so you can stay ahead of your budget.

Save time on expense reporting

Assign expenses to the right accounting and tax categories with automatic transaction syncing to Xero.

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Spend on travel, food and subscriptions

Eliminate hidden fees on your international card spend

Multi-currency card transactions screenshot with virtual debit card overlay

0% international card transaction fees

No more surprise foreign transaction fees on expenses like software subscriptions or marketing. Reinvest every dollar back into growth.

Pay directly with your multi-currency balance

Expenses are charged directly from your multi-currency wallet, eliminating unnecessary FX conversions where possible.

Auto-convert at our best FX rates for international card transactions

Even when you don’t have the needed currency balance, we automatically convert your funds at our market-leading FX rates.

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Multi-currency card transactions screenshot with virtual debit card overlay

What is a multi-currency card?

Airwallex multi currency cards

A multi currency card is a debit card that allows the user to make payments in multiple foreign currencies from held balances in an associated account. It can be used to pay for goods and services anywhere traditional credit and debit cards are accepted, both online and in store.

Airwallex Borderless Cards are issued by Visa and so can be used anywhere Visa payments are accepted.

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Airwallex multi currency cards

Access your own dedicated account manager

Dedicated account manager profile with callout graphics

If you have a question about your account, your dedicated account manager will be on hand to help. No call queues. No automated systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a multi-currency card?

A multi-currency card is a debit card that allows you to pay in multiple currencies. Usually, multi-currency cards are connected to multi-currency accounts. 

When you open a global business account with Airwallex, you will receive a multi-currency debit card that allows you to pay for expenses in your range of chosen currencies with zero transaction fees.

How does a multi-currency card work?

Much like any debit card, you can use a multi-currency card to pay for expenses online or in person. You can also use it to pay for subscriptions and direct debits. 

The difference between a multi-currency card and a normal debit card is that you can use it to pay in different currencies without being subject to exchange fees, so long as you have the correct currencies in your account.

What is the benefit of a multi-currency card?

Multi-currency cards help businesses sidestep currency exchange fees when paying for expenses in foreign currencies. Whether they’re paying international suppliers, employing overseas staff, or buying software from abroad. 

Multi-currency cards are also useful when travelling abroad, as they allow you to spend in the local currency without being subject to exchange fees.

I was using employee cards for free, can I keep using them for free?

If you had at least one active Employee Card on or before 6 April 2022, you are considered a “grandfathered” customer. This means you won’t be charged for employee cards if you do not activate Airwallex Expenses. You will be charged for employee cards if you activate Airwallex Expenses, for the period during which it is active. Airwallex Expenses can be de-activated at any time, and you will no longer incur any fees relating to Employee Cards or Airwallex Expenses, after de-activation.

Do these prices include VAT?

The listed prices are exclusive of VAT.

What happens if I disable Airwallex Expenses part of the way through a cycle?

If you disable Airwallex Expenses during the cycle, you will retain access to your employee cards and you will continue to be billed for active cardholders.

Will I be charged for company cards?

You can continue to issue and use Company Cards, free of charge. Note that company cards are unavailable in Apple Pay or Google Pay.

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