Open domestic and foreign currency accounts in minutes

Open multi currency accounts without visiting a bank branch. Start collecting payments from customers in their preferred currency.

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407 reviews on
Foreign currency accounts in the Airwallex dashboard

Unlock your global revenue streams with a foreign currency account

Global Account
Trade globally, without the red tape

Open foreign currency accounts in the US, UK, Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, all without leaving your office.

Global currencies
Collect in foreign currencies

Use our Global Accounts to collect your sales proceeds and spend them later in the same currency. Eliminate the unnecessary conversion fees.

Convert currencies
Save when bringing your money back

Convert foreign currencies into your home currency and withdraw funds in seconds. Improve your company's profits with our market-leading exchange rates.

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Multi Currency Accounts
Multi Currency Accounts

Streamline your online sales with dedicated multi currency accounts

Airwallex logo amongst Amazon, eBay, Shopify and PayPal logos

Save time opening accounts across the globe

Create multi currency accounts at the click of a button. Skip the usual bank queues and excessive paperwork by opening your foreign currency accounts online.

Integrate with global online marketplaces

Seamlessly integrate with global platforms like eBay, Shopify and Paypal. Accept payments in local currencies.

No monthly fees

Zero monthly fees, no minimum transactions. Our global accounts are fee-free to open and maintain.

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Introduction to your new business account

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Power your business with Airwallex

Employee debit cards

Create dedicated cards and employee logins with ease, no more shared cards or chasing down mystery spend.

Batch payments

Perfect for businesses with regular international payments or overseas employees.

Access levels and user roles

User access management allows one employee to setup payments while another approves.

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What is a foreign currency account?

Foreign currency account screenshot of sending money in USD

A foreign currency account is a transaction account that allows you to receive, hold and send funds in foreign currencies. You can make and receive payments in currencies such as USD, EUR and CNY, without needing to open a bank account in the respective country.

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Foreign currency account screenshot of sending money in USD

Access your own dedicated account manager

Dedicated account manager profile with callout graphics

If you have a question about your account, your dedicated account manager will be on hand to help. No call queues. No automated systems.

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Dedicated account manager profile with callout graphics

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  • Airwallex Testimony
    "Airwallex have been a fantastic partner for Olsam Group as we grow our eCommerce brands to new channels and new markets. Their easy to use interface and integrations have been a joy for our finance team to use as we scale."
    Sam Horbye

    Co-Founder, Olsam

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a foreign currency account work?

Foreign currency accounts allow you to receive, hold and send money in international currencies without being forced to exchange funds back into your home currency. You can set up a foreign currency account from the UK and use it to avoid exchange fees when managing money across borders.

What is a foreign currency account used for?

Foreign currency accounts are used by businesses and individuals who wish to avoid costly currency exchange when managing money across borders. 

If a UK-based business has customers in Europe, for example, they can collect payment in euros into a foreign currency account without being forced to exchange them into pound sterling. This is useful if they have supplies that need to be paid in euros, or if they want to hold the euros until the exchange rate is favourable.

How do I transfer money to a foreign currency account?

If your foreign currency account is with the same provider as your home currency account, this should be a transparent and straightforward process. 

Exchange rates fluctuate constantly, but businesses need more certainty than that.

Once your foreign currency account is set up, you will be able to transfer money to it from your other accounts via online banking.

You don't need a bank to run your business

Start winning new markets today. Open an account in minutes, and join thousands of businesses already using Airwallex to streamline their finances globally.

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