Transactional FX

Access interbank FX rates. Manage currency risk programmatically.

Our wide range of solutions allow you to tap into interbank exchange rate prices and FX transaction services that best meet your unique needs.

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Powerful APIs to help you unlock more global revenue

Airwallex's FX solutions are designed to give you great flexibility in how you obtain FX prices, execute transactions, and manage any inherent FX risk that your global business is exposed to.

24/7/365 pricing and execution

Receive around the clock access to pricing and conversion services, including on weekends and public holidays.

Access interbank FX rates

Our powerful FX engine and real-time pricing ensure that you get competitive prices on your currency conversions.

Trade in 1,000+ currency pairs across 60+ currencies

Reach new markets with our wide and ever-growing range of supported pairs, including exotic and emerging market currencies.

Save time with quick and easy integration

Get up and running in no time with our user-friendly APIs and developer tools. Seamlessly integrate with your current workflows.

Eliminate FX risk from your cross-border operations

Remove currency risk by locking in FX rates and customising settlement dates based on your business needs. Manage short-term risk from cross-border transactions, such as travel booking processes, and long-term risk involving long form contracts, FX liquidity, and more.

Short-term risk management

Lock in FX rates for your cross-border transactions

Customise the validity of price quotes

Choose from a range of validity periods from 1 minute to 24 hours, and opt for either single use or multi use quotes.

Guarantee rates for 1,000+ currency pairs

Lock in fixed rates for a wide array of currency pairs across 46+ currencies, including exotics.

Configure settlement based on your workflows

Benefit from same-day, immediate settlement or specify a date on which the conversion will be settled to and from your Wallet.

Long-term risk management

Remove FX risk from your long-term workflows

Choose from a range of settlement options

Hedge long-term risk by locking in FX rates across G10 pairs for settlement dates from 2 to 180 days in the future.

Improve cash flow management

Fix FX rates for future payment obligations and book conversions and payouts even without sufficient funds already in your wallet.

De-risk foreign currency holdings

Protect against the downside risk associated with holding large volumes of foreign currency for an extended period.

Manager multi-step approval processes

Eliminate the impact of FX fluctuations that might occur between multiple approval steps in your payments workflows.

Conversion configuration

Adapt conversion options to match your workflows

Customise funding and settlement options

Fund conversions before or after transactions. You can also select the desired date for each transaction to settle.

Set volume limits for individual transactions

Cap the size of individual transactions, while enjoying no limit on total daily conversion volume, as long as you have sufficient funds.

Effortlessly cancel conversions when needed

Have the flexibility to easily cancel a conversion before it is executed when your plans change.

Pay in and payout workflows

End-to-end transactional FX to help you scale

Remove FX risks when selling internationally

Use multi-currency pricing to display products at stable local prices for a better customer experience. Eliminate currency risk by locking in FX rates for up to 72 hours.

Save on payments to suppliers and employees

Acquire FX at interbank rates and programmatically pay out global suppliers and employees in various currencies.

Streamline global marketplace payouts

Quickly pay out foreign currency proceeds at interbank rates to marketplace sellers worldwide.

Eliminate FX risks in your payouts workflows

Align conversion and settlement dates to your specific execution flows and lock in FX rates as needed.

Embedded Finance

Build and offer your own global financial products

Create new lines of revenue for your platform or marketplace by using Airwallex’s infrastructure to embed global payments and financial products. White-label payments acceptance and also offer full-fledged financial solutions to your customers, including local currency account creation, funds storage, international transfers, card issuing, and more.

For Developers

Designed for developers, by developers.

Best-in-class developer tools

Integrate in a fraction of the time with our high-quality developer capabilities, libraries, and APIs.

Complex use cases made easy

Our comprehensive APIs and proprietary financial infrastructure can be tailored to suit your most complex requirements, all supported by our world-class technical teams.

Accelerated integrations

We’ve partnered with the likes of Shopify, Xero, and NetSuite to engineer prebuilt integrations to help you get started quickly.

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