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Funds reversed from connected account(s)

With this model, payments belong to the platform account solely. The platform account is responsible for Payments fees, refunds, and chargebacks. Normally the majority of funds will be split into one or many connected accounts. So when the payments finally end up being refunded or chargeback, it is likely that the platform wants to reimburse the deficit by taking back the funds.

The below chart illustrates how a standard one-off 100 GBP payment is split and reversed between the Platform and connected account in this model.

split reversal model2


If the original FundsSplit is in manual-release mode, you need to release the funds first so that they could be reversed back.

  1. Platform creates payment_intent with 100 GBP with connected account id "acct_ad1KMcnQM2Wmo2PFSuvR2g"
  1. After payment has been successfully captured, Platform creates two FundsSplit with 40 GBP going to one connected account and 30 GBP to the other. Funds are settled in all parties’ wallets.
  1. The platform creates two FundsSplitReversal mapping with each FundsSplit to take the money back. Both connected accounts will be deducted with the amount after the settlement cycle and the platform will be settled with 70 GBP in total as the result.