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Implement your PSP-agnostic solution

Airwallex supports two models for implementing a PSP-agnostic solution:

  • Marketplace model
  • Marketplace Technology Provider (MTP) model

The process for implementing these models is largely the same; however, there are some key differences between these models as shown in the table below.

Marketplace model MTP model
Suited for A single marketplace who wants to onboard sellers. Sellers are defined as individuals or businesses who sell their products or services on the marketplace. A single MTP who wants to onboard multiple marketplaces and their sellers
Account type Single marketplace account and a single Collateral Account Platform onboarding multiple marketplace accounts each with its own Collateral Account.
Fee account Not required. Platform's Wallet to receive all fees distributed to the marketplace through splits. This Wallet should therefore be linked to an external bank account for payouts, just as with any seller account. Platform to set up a fee account for each marketplace, which allows the marketplaces to receive funds as part of a settlement in just the same way that sellers do. Any fees meant for the MTP can flow directly to the platform account's Wallet. Each seller need only be onboarded once, even if they receive funds from more than one marketplace.

This guide describes the implementation details for a marketplace model. If you are an MTP, please contact your Solutions Engineer for further details.

Follow these guides to implement a PSP-agnostic solution for a marketplace.

  • Get started: Set up your system before handling funds movement.
  • Handle settlements: Following the system setup, you're now ready to integrate for settlement handling.
  • Deposit matching: Detailed information on the PSP settlement intent and deposit matching process, and how to handle success and failure notifications.
  • Troubleshooting: Solutions for common issues that you might encounter during and after integration.