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Manage funds split

By default, split funds will follow the standard settlement mode, where the funds will be batched up once we finish reconciliation on the source payment intent. It will be settled to the destination account’s wallet following the settlement time settings on the destination account.

In some cases, you may want the destination account to receive part of the funds in a more flexible manner. For example, marketplace platforms might have agreed with their sellers to only receive the funds after the end customer has confirmed the goods or services have been delivered. In this case, you can change the FundsSplit into a manual-release mode.

Manual-release is an option that could be applied with both processing models, platform owned payments or connected account owned payments.

See Create funds split tutorial to learn how to manually split funds when payment is owned by the platform account.

When a refund or chargeback happens, there would usually be a need for rebalancing the revenue shared between the platform account and connected account as a reimbursement to the party who bears money loss. See Reverse split funds to learn how to reverse the funds that have been split out.