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Error codes

Error codes

This page lists all the possible errors associated with the HTTP 400 status code while creating Charges and Transfers via our API endpoints.

For 400 errors, the response you receive will contain a code specifying the error encountered, message about the error, and source providing additional context about the error.

General errors with example response

A general error provides an error response with code, message, source. Like in the example below, the response contains an errors object with:

  • code: Unique numeric identifier of the specific validation error encountered.
  • message: A message about the specific error encountered.
  • source: The specific field or object within the request that has failed.



See below for all potential error codes and descriptions.


Error codes and detailed descriptions for Create a new charge API and Create a new transfer API.

CodeDescriptionNext steps
insufficient_fundThe account has insufficient funds. Please try again when more funds become available.Top up the source account in the payment currency.
validation_failedTarget account is not connected to the platform or not fully operational.Try another account or contact customer support to get more information.
method_not_allowedRequest method POST not supported.Refer to the API Reference API and use the correct method.
invalid_argumentThe amount cannot be 0 (zero).Retry the request with a positive amount.
request_id_duplicateThe request_id provided in the request has already been used.Retry the request with a new request_id.
not_foundCharge or transfer could not be found.Please retry with a valid Charge or Transfer ID. You can check if the charge or transfer exists using Get list of charges API or Get list of transfers API.

Please note that the Charges and Transfers API can return the details object within the error response when applicable. For example, if you attempt to retry Create a Charge API operation after the previous operation has been successfully processed, it may result in the following error.


The source_id field will contain the unique identifier of the Charge/Transfer object, which was returned in the previous successful operation.