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Understanding Payments for Platforms

Airwallex's Payments for Platforms solution enables a frictionless global pay-in and pay-out experience for your customers. Strongest use cases are for marketplaces, SaaS platforms, on-demand service providers. You can leverage the following features to create the desired experience for your customers:

  • Facilitate secure payments acceptance from shoppers around the world in 170+ currencies and 160+ payment methods, and make secure payouts to 150+ countries
  • Easily connect your customers (sellers, service providers, or sub-merchants) to your platform using connected accounts
  • Instantly split proceeds and route funds to sellers after deducting your Platform fee, and benefit from Airwallex's powerful global payouts capabilities, even if you choose to process payments using another PSP
  • Save on unnecessary FX fees with like-for-like settlement to eliminate costly FX fees involved in multi-party global transactions
  • Manage fund flows compliantly without requiring PayFac registration for you or your customers
  • Reconcile fund flows between you and your connected account at the transaction level in an easy way with reports generated by Airwallex

Accept payments

When you choose to embed payments acceptance into your product offering, you can use the following options to fund your accounts.

  • Airwallex gateway: Accept credit card payments and other forms of payments. Airwallex supports most popular international and local payment methods for global businesses to accept payments from shoppers across the world.
  • PSP agnostic: Use your pay-in provider (or 'acquirer') of choice, whilst leveraging the strengths of Airwallex's global payout and account infrastructure to disburse funds to sellers on your platform.

Pay out funds

The following capabilities can be used by your platform and your connected accounts, for funds leaving the Airwallex wallet infrastructure:

  • Global payouts: Programmatically make fast and cost-effective payouts across the globe, to bank accounts in 150+ countries.
  • Issuing: Issue cards to your customers for them to spend their Airwallex wallet balances.