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Airwallex gathered results from over 3,000 consumers in the US, the UK, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and here in Australia. Discover the cross-border eCommerce opportunity, take control of your global customer base, and set yourself up for success.

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Vinomofo drive efficiencies with Airwallex

“There aren’t many initiatives we could implement to save our business around $100,000 annually without a huge amount of effort,” says CFO Keiran Donovan. “It’s a pretty easy win, to be honest, and something I’d encourage any business with foreign exchange exposure to look into."


Cross border commerce: Preparing for peak sales season in new markets

Expanding into a new country can be equally challenging as it is exciting. Add a peak sales event to the mix, and you’ll likely face even more complexities as you learn how to manage a new currency, regulations, and operating environment. Check out this webinar with industry experts to help you plan for peak in a new market.


New financial year, new markets? Lessons from retailers who've gone global

In this webinar, hear from the founders of Kat the Label and Cycology Clothing as they explain how to navigate cultural differences and local business practices for a smooth transition when expanding into new markets.

See how other eCommerce brands are finding Airwallex

Airwallex Testimony

“Having Airwallex as our global trusted partner means we can spend less time on the phone to the bank, and more time instead focusing on growing our business both domestically and internationally.”

Richard Li

Co-founder & CEO, July

Airwallex Testimony

“Airwallex’s reputation and product speaks for itself. I see a long future in our partnership with Airwallex, as they’ve proved time and time again that they’re the right solution for Karst Stone Paper.”

Jon Tse

Co-Founder, Karst

Airwallex Testimony

“When you’re dealing with large amounts of money you want things to be as simple, straightforward and intuitive-to-use as possible, and that’s what Airwallex provides us. It’s a one-stop-shop.”

Jack Grace

Founder, Lux Skin

Airwallex Testimony

"Airwallex solves the problem of creating currency accounts almost instantly. I can click one button to create a UK account. We haven’t looked back since day one."

Peter Park

Business Improvement Manager, Deliciou

Airwallex Testimony

“Like many high growth businesses, you’re dealing with multiple currencies. Now, with Airwallex we’re using the one platform to make multiple currency payments.”

Hai Trang

Virtual CFO, Orbitkey

Airwallex Testimony

“We couldn’t just look at the cost of the product, but also the cost of selling that product. We needed to factor in things like digital marketing spend, merchant fees and currency conversion fees on each sale. With Airwallex, we’ve saved over $12,000 each month that I re-invest into the business for the long-run.”

Hayley Worley

Founder, The Sheet Society

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