Physical multi-currency corporate cards

Make an impression with sleek and professional Visa cards. Spend around the world in multiple currencies with zero transaction fees.

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Corporate Cards

Borderless cards that show you mean business

Accepted worldwide

Pay in multiple currencies around the world anywhere Visa is accepted.

Empower your employees

No more sharing corporate cards! Order unlimited cards and free employees to spend independently.

Classic design

Perfect for corporate entertaining, travel and everyday business expenses.

Spend internationally, without the cost

Black corporate making international purchase

0% transaction fees

We won’t charge you to use your cards at home or abroad.

Bank-beating FX rates

Save on international expenses with our market-leading currency exchange rate.

Multi-currency spending

Spend in multiple currencies directly from your global account and avoid unnecessary conversion fees.

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Black corporate making international purchase

Expense management made easy

Corporate visa card transactions reconciled on a mobile device

Cut down on office admin

Easily upload receipts for approval, reconcile expenses in one place and get a real-time overview of your spending.

You’re in control

Set spending limits at a card level, freeze cards instantly, and adjust limits with a tap.

Sync with Xero for hassle-free bookkeeping

Seamless Xero integration makes multi-currency bookkeeping a breeze.

Corporate visa card transactions reconciled on a mobile device

What is a corporate card?

3 Corporate cards created in the names of individuals

A corporate card is a Visa card issued to employees of a company. It allows employees to pay for business expenses, such as corporate entertaining, plane tickets, or new software purchases, without using their personal card.

When you open an Airwallex business account, you can give employees virtual and physical corporate cards and empower them to make purchases in multiple currencies.

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3 Corporate cards created in the names of individuals

Customer story

Clipchamp empower their fast-growing, global teams with Airwallex

The finance team now has real-time visibility of global employee expenses in a single place, synced directly with their Xero account. Setting up new employee cards, with dedicated limits and logins now happens in minutes, not days. On top of that, Clipchamp saves over $1,500 each month on their cloud and subscription spend with 0% international card transaction fees.


faster setup for new employees with cards

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Frequently asked questions

How do corporate cards work?

A business can issue multiple corporate cards to its employees. Employees can use their corporate cards to pay for business expenses without dipping into their own pockets. Businesses can set spending limits on corporate cards and stay in control of employee expenditure.

How do you manage a corporate Visa card?

The best way to manage a corporate Visa card is to set monthly spending limits for each card based on each employee's allocated budget. You should also track expenditure on a monthly basis to ensure budgets aren’t exceeded. 

With an Airwallex business account, you can issue team members with their own Visa cards, set spending limits for each card, and track expenditure from a central account. 

How much do corporate cards cost?

Traditional Corporate cards can cost a business hundreds of dollars a year in membership fees which can quickly eat into your margins. Airwallex enables you to create corporate cards for just $14 per employee card.

You don't need a bank to run your business

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