Airwallex: The Modern Payment Platform Slashing Rates for Aussie Businesses

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Airwallex: The Modern Payment Platform Slashing Rates for Aussie Businesses
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In a rapidly evolving digital world, Aussie businesses demand more from their payment platforms. Traditional banks and payment providers have left many Australian companies seeking better alternatives.

This is where Airwallex comes in - a modern payment platform offering unbeatable rates that help Aussie businesses grow and thrive. Our new industry leading rate is a low 1.2% + 30c payment processing fee for domestic cards. 

But how do we manage to offer such great rates? 

Growth, not Greed

The answer is simple: we're not greedy, and we're committed to supporting the growth of businesses in Australia and around the world. By building financial products that will help businesses to reach their potential, we’re able to grow both our business and yours.

Keeping Rates Competitive

Airwallex was designed with one goal in mind: to provide the best payments and financial products possible for businesses of all sizes. We know that competitive rates are essential for companies to succeed and grow, and that when businesses do well, so do we.

As technology has advanced and the world has gotten smaller, the costs of online payments have steadily decreased. However, many traditional platforms continue to charge exorbitant fees and higher rates, as if we were still in the era of BlackBerry phones and dial-up internet. 

At Airwallex, we've left those days far behind. We’ve decided to invest even more into Aussie business by slashing our margins and passing on the savings to you.

Our lifetime investment into Australian businesses means whether you’re selling to Melbourne or Miami, you can rest assured that you’ll keep more of your revenue in your pocket with Airwallex. 

A Modern Platform for Modern Businesses

Wait, what are the fees even for?

That’s a great question. Online payments processing fees can be best broken down into two parts. Interchange and Scheme Fees to get money from point A to point B. And Operational Costs involved with the infrastructure, fraud prevention, and everything else.

Interchange and Scheme Fees

When a payment is processed, there are a number of fees that are charged. These include the card holder’s issuing bank, and the card schemes (Visa/Mastercard/AMEX). Like with many other things, technology has made the cost of moving money from place to place gradually lower, and since 2017, there has been a reduction on these fees as the Reserve Bank of Australia set a maximum cap on these fees. Sadly, the major players and payment providers have yet to pass on these savings and reductions to merchants like you.

Operational Costs

Like any business, there’s costs associated with operationalising a payments platform. There’s fraud protection, staff, and all the financial infrastructure to make sure that your money is safe, on-time, and accessible. Other providers often have old systems that they have to maintain and make work in a modern environment, which just means more costs which they pass on to you. At Airwallex, we’ve built our whole platform from the ground up to be as efficient as possible – which means less costly to operate and maintain – which means more cost savings for you.

Switch to Airwallex today.

Airwallex is designed to serve businesses of all sizes, from startups to established enterprises. Whether you're just beginning your journey or are well-established, you'll enjoy our best rates to help grow your business both in Australia and globally.

In a world where traditional banks and payment providers fail to meet the needs of modern businesses, Airwallex offers a refreshing and much-needed alternative. With our commitment to providing unbeatable rates and a platform designed for today's companies, Airwallex is paving the way for the future of payments. Don't let outdated platforms hold your business back - switch to Airwallex and experience the difference for yourself.

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