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Paysera expands global reach with Airwallex

Find out how Paysera leveraged Airwallex’s embedded finance solutions to achieve rapid innovation.

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Paysera is a global payments platform which enables customers to exchange currencies, accept international payments and transfer money. 



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Paysera is a payments platform which enables customers to exchange currencies, accept international payments and transfer money. 

In 2023, Paysera will expand their product offering, allowing customers to transfer funds to 149 countries and open IBAN accounts in 9 regions including the US, Australia and China. 

Paysera needed a partner who could provide them with the financial infrastructure to scale their payment capabilities fast, and so they came to Airwallex. 

How is Paysera using Airwallex's APIs?

Paysera is using Airwallex’s embedded financial solutions to underpin their existing technology.  

Using Airwallex APIs, Paysera has expanded their payment capabilities, enabling clients to accept and send payments to more countries globally without being subject to unnecessary fees.  

Before the Airwallex integration, Paysera offered euro accounts to their customers. Now they offer IBAN accounts in 9 regions, opening the door for their customers to engage in frictionless international trade.  

Bashkim Zeqiri

Vice President, Paysera Ltd

“This agreement will have a direct impact on trade to China, Turkey and the US. People who pay in currencies other than euros will have the opportunity to make those payments at better rates, faster and cheaper.”

As well as working with established businesses, Paysera serves freelancers and personal finance customers. For these clients, the Airwallex integration will make transferring money abroad more efficient and cost effective.

“If somebody from Bangladesh or India works in North Macedonia, instead of sending money through banks, they will be able to use the local payment integration with Airwallex and send money on a daily basis to their family,” says Bashkim Zeqiri, Vice President, Paysera Ltd.

Enhancing Paysera’s payment capabilities


  • Paysera wanted to scale their payment capabilities in order to better serve customers. They needed to open up more global payment channels, so customers could more efficiently manage money across borders.

  • They needed a solution which was scalable and would allow for fast innovation and fewer manual processes.


  • Using Airwallex’s financial infrastructure, Paysera can now offer customers fast and efficient transfers to 149 countries.

  • Paysera’s clients can now open IBAN accounts in 9 regions, including the US and China, allowing for frictionless global trade.

  • Paysera have enhanced their B2B product offering to include mass payouts and mass payment collections.

  • Paysera can continue innovating and developing their product offering through Airwallex’s APIs.   

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Empowering businesses to build without limits

Airwallex helps businesses like Paysera build better financial solutions for their customers.

Ryan O'Holleran, Director, Platform Sales, EMEA, Airwallex commented: “Our mission at Airwallex is to empower businesses to scale without limits. We’re proud to provide the financial infrastructure which will enable Paysera to grow their reach and better serve their global customers. With Airwallex’s technology in place, Paysera can offer their clients a more comprehensive payments solution which will enable financial management on a global scale.”

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