Airwallex partners with Brandbassador

Tilly Michell
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Airwallex partners with Brandbassador

Airwallex is delighted to have partnered with Brandbassador, the platform that helps businesses turn their loyal customers, followers and fans into brand champions.

Building brand awareness is a key challenge for all businesses, especially smaller ones. With Brandbassador, businesses can reward their customers with perks when they promote their products online. 

Brands can say goodbye to inauthentic influencer campaigns and start using genuine, happy customers to build awareness and grow their online reach. 

After saving thousands of dollars through an Airwallex global business account, Brandbassador’s CEO, Thomas Adams is excited to recommend Airwallex to his clients.  

“We used to pay Stripe between $5,000 and $10,000 a month in conversion fees because most of our customers pay in dollars. Now we funnel that money into our Airwallex US dollar account, we don’t have to pay commission. We’ve saved more than $100,000 so far this year.”  — Thomas Adams, Co-Founder and CEO, Brandbassador

Growing your business used to mean higher account charges and transaction fees. But with Airwallex, Brandbassador’s clients can build their business whilst actively reducing their expenses. 

With the combined power of Airwallex and Brandbassador, businesses can achieve their global growth ambitions whilst eliminating both domestic and international transfer fees. Opening the door for sustained revenue growth. 

Jed Rose, GM, EMEA at Airwallex, says: “Brandbassador can help accelerate growth for businesses, making them an ideal partner for Airwallex. As Brandbassador’s clients push into new markets, Airwallex can facilitate their expansion by helping them more efficiently and effectively manage their finances through our business accounts. We look forward to working with Brandbassador, and together fueling sustainable growth for their clients.”

If you’re interested in partnering with Airwallex, or setting up a foreign currency account with us, get in touch with our team or apply online today. 

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Tilly Michell
Content Marketing Manager

Tilly manages the content strategy for Airwallex UK. She specialises in content that supports businesses in their growth trajectory.

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