Open a USD account online in the UK

Collect and manage payments in US Dollar with a local USD debit card and account details. Get started today with no sign-up fees and zero monthly account fees.

Open a USD account
USD Bank account showing funds being received from multiple sources into the UK

Get your own USD business bank account details

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Save time by opening a USD account online

Provide your customers in the US with account details on the local banking system so they can pay you directly into your USD Global Account, right here in the United Kingdom.

Instant account activation

Set up a USD account online in seconds and start receiving USD payments immediately.

Improve your margins

Spend less when bringing back funds. Convert and withdraw in seconds with access to our interbank FX rates and a low fee of just 0.5%.

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Save more on every transaction with Airwallex

Getting latest rates...
FX markup


Interbank rate


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Where possible, payments are made using Airwallex’s local network to eliminate transaction fees and deliver your funds faster and in full. Please note that we charge fees to cover the cost of using the SWIFT network. For more information, please review our Fee Schedule and Country Payout Guide.

Unlock new revenue streams in the United States

USD bank account sending USD online.

Trade in the US, without the red tape

Open a local US transaction account to receive payments directly in USD.

Make it easy for your US customers to pay you

Provide your customers based in the US with local US transaction account details, so they can pay you in USD.

No sign-up fees and no monthly account fees

Our business accounts come standard with no sign up fee, no monthly fees and no minimum transactions.

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USD bank account sending USD online.
Airwallex business account showing Airwallex virtual cards

Manage your business finances from a single platform

Airwallex business account showing Airwallex virtual cards

Integrate with global online marketplaces

Seamlessly integrate with global platforms like eBay, Shopify and Paypal. Accept payments in local currencies.

Hold in foreign currencies

Use our global accounts to collect and spend in the same currency, eliminating unnecessary conversion fees.

Combine with virtual payment cards

Issue virtual payment cards in multiple currencies from the same platfrom for a complete business payment system.

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Introducing your new business account

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The global business account that lets you do more, for less

UK business account


FREE (available in 11 currencies)

FX currency conversion fee

0.5% or 1% above our interbank rate

International transfers


UK domestic transfers


Batch transfers


Employee cards

Free for your first 5 cardholders.***

£5 per additional cardholder per month including Airwallex Expenses

International card transactions


*Where payments are made through Airwallex’s payment network there are no payment fees. However any payments made via the SWIFT network will still incur a payment fee of £10 SHA. Click here for more information.

**For card transactions, you will access our interbank rates plus small margin for the following currencies: GBP, USD, AUD, EUR, HKD, CAD, NZD, SGD, JPY, CHF. For less frequently traded currencies, we will use the Visa rate.

*** The first 5 cardholders will be free. Active cardholders numbered 6-50 will incur a charge of £5 per active cardholder per month.

How do USD accounts work?

You're issued an account number

Share these details on invoices, payment information and integrate with apps like Shopify & Amazon.

Receive payments globally in USD

Use it just like an American business account. Get paid via direct bank transfer.

Withdraw in your local currency

Convert your USD into GBP at a time that suits you, using the real conversion rate.

Pay suppliers and staff in USD

Choose to hold USD in your US account and pay out via direct deposit, with no conversion fees.

See how our customers are finding Airwallex

  • Airwallex Testimony
    "Airwallex have been a fantastic partner for Olsam Group as we grow our eCommerce brands to new channels and new markets. Their easy to use interface and integrations have been a joy for our finance team to use as we scale."
    Sam Horbye

    Co-Founder, Olsam

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I open a USD account online?

Yes, Airwallex enables you to open a USD account completely online without having to visit a bank branch. Once your Airwallex account is approved, you can open multiple US Dollar accounts simply by following the prompts.

How do I transfer money to a USD account?

If you have a positive balance in your USD account, you can transfer funds directly to US bank accounts using ACH (local payment), Fedwire (real-time payments) or SWIFT.
When your payment recipient is in the same currency as your USD account, this should be a transparent and straightforward process. If you make USD to USD transfers, there are no fees involved.

Once your USD account is set up, you will be able to transfer money to it from your other accounts via online banking.

What is a US Dollar account used for?

US Dollar accounts are used by businesses and individuals who wish to avoid costly currency exchange when managing money across borders. 

If a UK-based business has customers in the United States, for example, they can collect payments in USD into a US Dollar account without being forced to exchange them into pound sterling. This is useful if they have supplies that need to be paid in US Dollars, or if they want to hold the USD until the exchange rate is favourable.

How do I open a US Dollar account?

You can open US Dollar accounts instantly via the Global Accounts tab of your Airwallex business account. There is no additional documentation required to open a new account and you can open an account in less than a minute simply by following the prompts.

Security is at our core


Your money is held securely in a ring-fenced account. You can access your funds whenever you like as they're never invested or lent to anyone else.


Your data is stored and protected behind multiple layers of authentication. Two factor authentication is enabled on your account for added security.


Our security systems and procedures are based on the highest international standards including PCI Level 1 compliance.


Airwallex is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and holds an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) licence.

You don't need a bank to run your business

Start winning new markets today. Open an account in minutes, and join thousands of businesses already using Airwallex to streamline their finances globally.

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