Release notes: Respond to disputes faster and uplevel your checkout

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Release notes: Respond to disputes faster and uplevel your checkout
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Product Enhancements 🎨

Take advantage of our new Payments features 📈

Scale your payment dispute management with APIs

Dealing with payment disputes can be a time burden for businesses. That’s why we’ve built an API solution which will help you easily manage the dispute handling process. With the API, you’ll be notified of dispute events via webhook, receive the details of each dispute, and can manage the response. You can also upload evidence documents that are necessary for challenging disputes.

To help you cut down operational costs, Airwallex has a set of auto-response rules that minimise manual dispute management. Disputes which satisfy these conditions will not require action from you, although you will be notified. To learn more about how your business can handle disputes via API, please refer to our product documentation.

Convert more customers with an even smoother payment experience

We’ve optimised the Airwallex checkout UI to improve your customer conversion rates. Our new mobile layout will make it easier for your customers to choose their preferred payment method. Once their payment method is selected, your customers won’t be directed to a new page to input their payment details. Instead, they will be prompted to input their details on the same page, reducing friction from their customer journey. 

These updates apply to merchants that use Airwallex hosted payment pages and Payment Links. The update will soon be live for those that use drop in elements and the Airwallex Shopify plug-in.  

US customers: Offer 50+ new payment methods at your checkout 

If you’re based in the US or have a US entity, you can now accept 50+ additional payment methods (in beta) through Airwallex Payments, including PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Alipay. Giving customers the opportunity to pay via their favourite payment method is vital for reducing cart abandonment and increasing checkout success rates. With Airwallex Payments, you can optimise your checkout for each region you expand to and ensure customers are able to pay with their preferred payment method. 

EU customers: Offer WeChat Pay as a payment method at your checkout  

If you have an entity in the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland, you can now accept WeChat payments through Airwallex. WeChat is a hugely popular multi-purpose messaging, social media and mobile payments app with one billion users. WeChat is particularly popular in China and Asia Pacific, and adding WeChat as a payment option is a crucial step for businesses that wish to grow their customer base globally.  

Optimise your Shopify store and boost conversion rates with Klarna and AliPay

With our new Shopify app, Airwallex Klarna Payments, you can give your customers the opportunity to pay with Klarna in just two steps, without redirecting them to an Airwallex hosted page. Klarna is one of the most popular payment methods in the US, UK and EU. By streamlining your checkout experience for Klarna users, you can boost your conversion rates.

You can also now offer AliPay on your Shopify store through our Airwallex Online Payments app. AliPay is by far the most popular payment app in China, used by 92% of customers in China according to Statista. By offering AliPay at your checkout you can appeal to a vast new market of shoppers.  

Payout to multiple recipients, in multiple currencies, and to multiple countries in one go with Batch Transfers ➡️

With Batch Transfers, you can now pay vendors, contractors, and employees around the world faster and with more visibility. Send up to 1,000 transfers in one go to different countries and in different currencies by consolidating your payment amount and payee information into an intuitive template.  

Select your preferred transfer method for each destination country, access our market-leading FX rates, and get full visibility of the total cost of a batch transfer before you send it. You can also configure approval workflows to ensure batch transfers are signed off by the right team members before they send. You’ll also receive notifications on the status of each payment, so you’ll know exactly when a payment has been received.     

The Batch Transfers feature will be automatically enabled for you. View this guide to learn how to make a batch transfer, or consult your account manager

Use the Airwallex mobile app for two-factor authentication (2FA) 📱

Two-factor authentication (2FA) keeps your business safe by adding an additional layer of security when you perform certain actions in the Airwallex platform, such as logging in, transferring money, or changing user credentials. You can now use the Airwallex mobile app as a 2FA method. To enable 2FA on your mobile app, simply tap your profile icon in the top right corner of the app, then tap "Set up Airwallex app as 2FA method". 

Upcoming arrivals 🧳

Gain higher visibility and control over your fraud strategy 🔐

Airwallex will soon introduce new capabilities to help you manage risk strategies for payment acceptance. The new capabilities will enable you to proactively detect and block fraudulent transactions, apply 3D Secure (3DS) to select transactions, gain real-time insights into fraud performance, and customise settings to match your risk tolerance. This will help reduce fraud losses, boost authorisation rates, and enable you to gain valuable insights to make informed fraud decisions. 

EU customers: Accept American Express card payments 🇪🇺

EU merchants will soon be able to accept American Express card payments with Airwallex Payments. American Express is one of the world’s largest card schemes. Accepting American Express as a payment option can help merchants reduce checkout friction, maximise sales, and appeal to a whole new market of online shoppers. 

Airwallex customers in the US, UK, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore can already accept American Express card payments. We’re pleased to bring this capability to our customers in the EU. 

Airwallex Bill Pay x Netsuite integration ⚡

Airwallex Bill Pay helps businesses automate invoice management, saving hours of manual work. NetSuite users will soon be able to sync their accounting software with Airwallex Bill Pay so that when a bill is coded, approved, and paid in the Airwallex platform, it will be automatically reconciled back to Netsuite. This accounting integration is already available for Xero users, with QuickBooks coming soon. 

That’s it for our release round-up. We hope these updates help propel your business forward as you look towards the new year. 

Have something you’d like to see earlier for your region on our roadmap? Let us know here.

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