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Forrester Report Airwallex 2023


Study finds that Airwallex customers expand faster, improve profits, and save on fees versus enterprises that rely on legacy banking solutions

US$2.8 million increase in operating profits over three years

Organisations that use Airwallex enjoy enhanced product stickiness and revenue growth, as well as two years faster market expansion, leading to increased profits.

US$6.6 million saved on FX over three years

Airwallex enables organisations to collect and disburse payments in multiple currencies without incurring additional fees. Organisations can leverage these savings as revenue by charging a markup on FX, or pass savings down to their customers to secure cost leadership.

US$7.4 million saved on payments integration, setup, and maintenance

Airwallex’s global financial infrastructure saves customers the cost of obtaining and maintaining money transmission licences across markets and the cost of setting up payment integration rails with third-party providers and banks.


How leading platforms and marketplaces build global financial products

Airwallex offers embedded finance solutions which can be white labelled and natively integrated into software platforms and marketplaces via API.

Payments for Platforms

With Airwallex Payments for Platforms you can easily white label our global payment acceptance infrastructure and enable your customers to sell internationally with a localised and frictionless checkout experience and over 160 local payment methods.

Global Treasury

Enable customers to efficiently collect, store, and distribute funds worldwide with Airwallex’s powerful Global Treasury infrastructure.

Banking as a Service

With Airwallex’s APIs for Banking as a Service, you can natively embed and monetise global financial capabilities into your platform.


Brex expands their global footprint

The Challenge

Brex is a fintech company with the mission to empower employees anywhere to make better financial decisions. They aim to revamp the business banking experience by providing a modern, tech-driven alternative to traditional banks. To fuel their growth, Brex needed a partner with international reach who could help them unlock new markets, and allow them to service multinational customers.

The Solution

With Airwallex’s Global Treasury solution, Brex has been able to accelerate its global growth and meet the needs of their multi-entity customers. Through a single API integration, they’ve made it straightforward to collect top-ups locally in multiple markets and to seamlessly convert currencies at competitive rates. Their customers can then pay supplier invoices and employee reimbursements at scale through fast, cost-effective local payment rails.

How ZipHQ implemented an end-to-end payments experience

The Challenge

ZipHQ offers customers a digitalized holistic solution to their corporate spend. They were looking to strengthen their product offering by embedding an end-to-end payments solution. ZipHQ needed a partner who could support their launch of Zip Pay, an integrated reimbursement feature, and allow them to manage customer onboarding across four continents, offer multi-currency wallets, and deliver fast local payouts worldwide.

The Solution

Using Airwallex’s Global Treasury solution, ZipHQ was able to build on top of Airwallex’s global infrastructure and avoid the complexity of having to secure and maintain their own financial service licenses worldwide. They’ve been able to develop a compelling end-to-end payments offering for their customers–one that spans global collections, currency conversion, and global bill payment via fast and cost-effective local payment rails.

Navan streamlines global reimbursements

The Challenge

Navan delivers one of the first enterprise technologies utilizing the cloud, mobile, and AI to balance business needs with today's modern standards. Their corporate travel and expense solution allows users to easily book, view, and manage business travel and expenses. For Navan’s reimbursement offering, they needed a global partner who could help them manage and accelerate their global payouts to their customers’ employees around the world.

The Solution

Through Airwallex’s Global Treasury solution, Navan has been able to efficiently manage employee reimbursements at scale for its multinational customers. Through a single API integration, they’ve streamlined local top-ups, managed FX risk, and used local payment rails to quickly and cost-effectively disburse reimbursements around the world.

How GOAT expanded their global reach

The Challenge

GOAT, the popular global platform for new and used sneakers, apparel and accessories, was looking for a way to grow their global reach. They were eager to expand their seller base beyond the United States and needed a trusted technology partner with a global footprint to facilitate fund flows.

The Solution

GOAT was able to use Airwallex's Payments for Platforms solution to allow global consumers to purchase items in their preferred currencies and payment methods. They were able to easily convert proceeds into multiple currencies when needed, and make fast, cost-effective payouts to their sellers around the world. GOAT was also able to intelligently manage currency risk through Airwallex's advanced transactional FX capabilities. Airwallex's global coverage for both collections and payouts helped enable GOAT to rapidly expand their geographic reach.

How SHEIN manages end-to-end marketplace payments

The Challenge

SHEIN, the well known global fashion and lifestyle e-retailer, is committed to making the beauty of fashion accessible to all. They use on-demand manufacturing to bring a variety of affordable products to customers in more than 150 countries. To support the growth of their global business, SHEIN needed an end-to-end global payments solution spanning payments acceptance, currency conversion, and payouts across multiple geographies.

The Solution

With Airwallex's Payments for Platforms solution, SHEIN was able to collect online payments from consumers around the world via multiple currencies and payment methods, eliminate costly conversion fees via like-for-like settlement, and streamline payouts to its global base of sellers. Airwallex's global coverage and proprietary infrastructure allowed SHEIN to accelerate its growth worldwide.

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