Issue and manage multi currency cards at scale via API

Empower your teams to pay millions of suppliers globally in seconds with multi-use or single-use cards. Stay in control of all purchases in real-time with a single API integration.

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Automate global card issuing

As an Airwallex Issuing customer, you don't need to worry about BIN sponsorship, card production, transaction processing, or balance management – we handle all that heavy lifting for you.

Issue multi-currency Visa cards in 40+ countries

Airwallex is a principal member of Visa, allowing cardholders to transact securely in 170+ currencies worldwide.

Save on FX fees with multiple settlement currencies

Pay for purchases directly from your Airwallex multi-currency wallet, eliminating costly FX conversion fees.

0% international card transaction fees

Say goodbye to foreign transaction fees and other hidden charges, so you can reinvest every dollar back into growth.

Avoid the traditional need to lock-in funds per card

Airwallex issued cards don’t require you to lock in funds when requesting them – funds are sourced directly from your Airwallex Wallet.

Benefit from a range of card options

Support spend in multiple currencies with virtual cards, physical cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Create cards for one-time or recurring use.

Card Controls

Flexibility and control to meet your business needs

Control how and where your cards may be used

Set rules around merchant category, currency, time period, transaction limit, and more. Update rules in real-time.

Manage card statuses in real time

Instantly cancel or freeze a card at any time to prevent further transactions from being made.

Authorise transactions from your own system

Use Remote Authorisation to authorise or decline transactions in real time using your own rules.

Security and Compliance

Global compliance and security without the heavy lift

Retrieve sensitive data with PAN delegation

Access sensitive details using a secure token in a PCI-compliant manner regardless of your PCI compliance status.

Leave the complex PCI compliance to us

Airwallex is fully compliant to the highest Level 1 PCI-DSS global standards and handles all PCI requirements on your behalf.

Safely display sensitive card data

Securely display and embed card data on your page using an iframe, without ever having to host the data yourself.

Manage the risk of fraud

Validate authorisation requests with digital signatures, and protect against fraud with 3D Secure authentication.

Common global use cases

A variety of first-party and third-party use cases

Save on global company spends, efficiently manage marketplace and platform payouts, or develop and monetise your own cards proposition.

Streamline your own company’s global purchases

Issue cards for corporate expenses and shared team purchases, or for individual employee spends like travel.

Save on your recurring global payments

Acquire FX at interbank rates and then issue cards to pay out global suppliers in various currencies.

Manage platform-facilitated payouts

Programmatically issue single-use or multi-use cards to support platform payouts. Common with OTAs and insurance providers.

Instantly pay gig economy workers

Programmatically send funds to a gig worker’s card in real time for immediate use when jobs are completed.

White-label cards to build your own proposition

Utilise the Airwallex BIN alongside our global infrastructure to provision cards for your end customers.

Banking as a service

A full-fledged financial services solution for your customers

If you’re a platform looking to create more value for your customers and unlock new revenue streams, Airwallex allows you to white-label our suite of financial products. Benefit from full-stack local card issuing in 40+ countries and regions, streamlined compliance across jurisdictions, and a shared funds pool to instantly extend credit.

For Developers

Designed for developers, by developers.

Best-in-class developer tools

Integrate in a fraction of the time with our high-quality developer capabilities, libraries, and APIs.

Complex use cases made easy

Our comprehensive APIs and proprietary financial infrastructure can be tailored to suit your most complex requirements, all supported by our world-class technical teams.

Accelerated integrations

We’ve partnered with the likes of Shopify, Xero, and NetSuite to engineer prebuilt integrations to help you get started quickly.

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