Banking as a Service

A full-fledged Banking as a Service solution for your customers

Unlock new lines of revenue by natively embedding accounts, cards, and lending opportunities into your platform.

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More value for your customers, more revenue for your platform

Solve your customers’ global payments and financial services needs directly from your platform. Explore multiple ways to monetise, including earning from markups on FX and payouts, per transaction fees, and more.

Offer local currency accounts in 60+ countries

Create domestic and foreign currency accounts for customers in minutes that come with dedicated account numbers and local bank codes.

Allow customers to hold funds in 23+ currencies

Let customers hold funds in 23 currencies, convert currencies at interbank rates, and perform other financial operations.

Streamline global money movement

Make it easy for your customer to collect, convert, and send fast, cost-effective payouts to beneficiaries in 150+ countries.

Issue cards in 40+ markets

Utilize the Airwallex BIN alongside our global infrastructure to provision single or multi-use cards for your customers.

Intelligently extend lines of credit

Offer loans to customers, assess credit worthiness on an ongoing basis, and programmatically sweep funds for repayment.

A suite of global financial services at your customers’ fingertips

Global Accounts

Create accounts with local bank details around the world for your customers in minutes.
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    Programmatically create accounts online
    Enable customers to receive funds in local currency
    Know funds are safe, secure, and accessible at all times

Held balances

Allow your customers to securely hold multi-currency balances and easily convert funds.
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    Give customers the ability to hold 60+ currencies
    Simplify conversion and access interbank rates across 1,000+ currency pairs
    Offer advanced features to smartly manage FX risk

Funds movement

Simplify collection, conversion, and disbursement of funds across multiple countries and currencies.
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    Simplify collections, including via Direct Debit
    Offer a variety of payout options, including batch payments
    Support a wide range of global and local payment routes

Physical and Virtual Cards

Issue branded debit cards for corporate purchases or individual consumer spending across 140 currencies worldwide.
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    Support Apple Pay and Google Pay
    Create corporate or individual cards
    Set rules around merchant category, transaction limits, and more
    Offer advanced features like remote authorisation out of the box


Extend lines of credit to your customers and intelligently manage credit risk on an ongoing basis.
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    Gain insight into customers’ sales performance and cash volumes to continually assess credit risk
    Instantly disburse funds to customers, including via debit cards that pull from a shared funds pool
    Programmatically sweep funds for real-time principal and interest repayments

Funds Flow Configuration

Manage how your global funds flow

Allow your customers to open local currency accounts around the world, hold and convert multiple currencies, streamline global payouts, simplify purchases with multi-currency cards, and access lines of credit.

Global Accounts
Held balances
Funds movement
Funds flow
Global Accounts

Global Accounts

Programmatically create accounts with local bank details in 60+ countries for your customers.

Airwallex partners with a network of leading global banks to offer secure, reliable, and compliant infrastructure that gives you the confidence to embed feature-rich financial products into your platform.

Hassle-Free Onboarding

Easily onboard connected accounts globally with a single integration

Pre-built components to simplify deployment

Deliver a conversion-optimised, frictionless onboarding experience without the hassle of building your own native flow.

Streamlined KYC for businesses and individuals

Airwallex handles global Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements so that you can focus on running your core business.

Dynamic processes based on local regulations

We dynamically adjust KYC information collection to meet local compliance requirements, based on country and business model.

For Developers

Designed for developers, by developers.

Best-in-class developer tools

Integrate in a fraction of the time with our high-quality developer capabilities, libraries, and APIs.

Complex use cases made easy

Our comprehensive APIs and proprietary financial infrastructure can be tailored to suit your most complex requirements, all supported by our world-class technical teams.

Flexible deployment options

Decrease time to market with pre-built components and elements or build natively with a full API integration.

Embedded Finance Case Studies

Helping Stake collect, hold, convert, and make payouts

The Challenge

Digital trading platform, Stake, is on a mission to help people invest without brokerage fees and borders. The company needed a reliable global technology partner to help them support global share trading, hold funds in multiple jurisdictions, and confidently make timely programmatic payouts.

The Solution

Through a single API deployment, Stake relied on Airwallex’s Embedded Finance solution to collect, hold, convert, and pay out funds in multiple currencies, enabling them to facilitate customer share trades in new markets. With Airwallex, Stake was able to implement new functionality quickly and efficiently, allowing them to remain focused on their core customer objectives. Airwallex’s solution also served as a ledger for Stake, making it easy for them to track high-volume money movement and balances in real time.

TradeBridge redefines modern finance with Airwallex

The Challenge

TradeBridge offers multi-currency funding to businesses in the eCommerce, healthcare, and corporate sectors. They needed a solution which would allow funds to be delivered to clients efficiently, in multiple currencies, without hidden costs. TradeBridge wanted to provide a business-focussed service that would let clients access funds immediately, convert those funds to their preferred currency, and use them without waiting days for a bank transfer.

The Solution

With Airwallex, TradeBridge can create multi-currency wallets for each client, enabling the company to quickly deliver funds in the client’s preferred currency, without hidden transfer fees. They can collect multi-currency repayments directly from marketplaces such as Amazon and PayPal into the wallet. Clients can also use Airwallex or their preferred PSP to settle funds directly from their eCommerce website into their wallet. With Airwallex’s API, TradeBridge can view client receivables instantly from one centralised account and unlock additional funding for clients based on real-time sales data.

Enabling Volopay's corporate card offering

The Challenge

Volopay is a spend management platform that offers corporate cards, automated expense management, and accounting integrations that streamline financial operations, helping businesses save time and money while elevating the role of their finance teams. The company needed a reliable global infrastructure partner who could help them to efficiently scale their corporate card proposition.

The Solution

Using Airwallex’s Embedded Finance infrastructure, Volopay was able to seamlessly issue white-labeled physical and virtual prepaid cards to their customers in Australia through a single API integration. The platform utilised Airwallex’s BIN and global infrastructure to provision corporate cards that could be used for one-time or recurring purchases. Volopay was also able to customise cards with their own branding.

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