Payments for Platforms

Embed payments software into your

Programmatically create connected accounts, automatically split funds, and enable a frictionless global pay-in and payout experience for your customers.

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Take control of your payments experience

Make your global marketplace or software platform even more valuable by integrating payments. Unlock new lines of revenue and cut down on implementation time and costly ongoing maintenance.

Monetise payments on your platform

Bundle payments with other paid premium features or charge a transaction fee for each payment you process on your platform.

Power your global marketplace payments

Easily collect, split, and pay out funds across borders to support marketplace transactions.

Streamline global compliance

Manage fund flows compliantly without requiring PayFac registration for you or your customers.

Support your customers’ global ambitions

Process payments in 170+ currencies and 160+ payment methods, and make secure payouts to 150+ countries.

Minimise FX risk, maximise revenue

Collect and settle in the same currency to eliminate the costly FX fees normally involved in multi-party global transactions.

For Global Software Platforms

White-labelled global payments for your software platform

Create more value for your customers

Monetise your own branded global payments acceptance solution that facilitates one time or recurring payments and doesn’t redirect buyers away from their checkout flows.

Process in 180+ countries and 170+ currencies

Allow your customers to sell internationally and boost their sales by accepting payments in local currency. Improve checkout rates by supporting 160+ payment methods.

Save with like-for-like settlement

Let your customers collect and settle proceeds in the same currency to avoid unnecessary conversion fees. Convert currency at interbank rates when needed.

For Global Marketplaces

Global payments to power your marketplace

Attract more customers from around the world

Accept payments from buyers in 180+ countries in their preferred currencies and payment methods, with an optimised checkout flow.

Reduce operational overhead and save on fees

Easily split proceeds and route funds to sellers after deducting your specified earnings on each transaction. Save on unnecessary FX fees with like-for-like settlement.

Streamline payments to global sellers

Easily pay sellers and service providers in 150+ countries, including instant payouts to their bank accounts or Airwallex issued debit cards.

Acquirer Agnostic Solution

Easily integrate Airwallex with other PSPs

Leverage our global payouts infrastructure

Even if you choose to use another primary PSP, you can still benefit from our powerful global payouts capabilities.

Remove friction from workflows

Any PSP can settle to Airwallex into a holding account where funds are held until you specify when a seller should get paid. Easily trigger payouts to external bank accounts at any time.

Avoid the pain of onboarding with multiple PSPs

Your sellers are onboarded to Airwallex as connected accounts, but won't need to be onboarded to each PSP.

Adopt a future-friendly solution

Have the option to build a rich suite of embedded financial products for your sellers over time, including card issuing.

Funds Flow Configuration

Manage how your global funds flow

Facilitate secure payments acceptance from buyers around the world. Programmatically split funds and instantly route proceeds to sellers after deducting your platform fee, even if Airwallex isn’t your primary PSP. Easily top up your Wallet balances by linking to external bank accounts.

Airwallex as Acquirer
Acquirer Agnostic
Funds flow
Airwallex as Acquirer

Airwallex as Acquirer

Used by marketplaces and SaaS platforms to allow merchants to compliantly accept payments via Airwallex’s payment gateway and automatically split proceeds, without ever having to touch merchant funds.

Hassle-Free Onboarding

Easily onboard connected accounts globally with a single integration

Pre-built components to simplify deployment

Deliver a conversion-optimised, frictionless onboarding experience without the hassle of building your own native flow.

Streamlined KYC for businesses and individuals

Airwallex handles global Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements so that you can focus on running your core business.

Dynamic processes based on local regulations

We dynamically adjust KYC information collection to meet local compliance requirements, based on country and business model.

For Developers

Designed for developers, by developers.

Best-in-class developer tools

Integrate in a fraction of the time with our high-quality developer capabilities, libraries, and APIs.

Complex use cases made easy

Our comprehensive APIs and proprietary financial infrastructure can be tailored to suit your most complex requirements, all supported by our world-class technical teams.

Flexible deployment options

Decrease time to market with pre-built components and elements or build natively with a full API integration.

Embedded Finance Case Studies

How GOAT expanded their global reach

The Challenge

GOAT, the popular global platform for new and used sneakers, apparel and accessories, was looking for a way to grow their global reach. They were eager to expand their seller base beyond the United States and needed a trusted technology partner with a global footprint to facilitate fund flows.

The Solution

GOAT was able to use Airwallex's Payments for Platforms solution to allow global consumers to purchase items in their preferred currencies and payment methods. They were able to easily convert proceeds into multiple currencies when needed, and make fast, cost-effective payouts to their sellers around the world. GOAT was also able to intelligently manage currency risk through Airwallex's advanced transactional FX capabilities. Airwallex's global coverage for both collections and payouts helped enable GOAT to rapidly expand their geographic reach.

How Camplify collects customer payments online

The Challenge

Camplify is Australia's largest and fastest-growing campervan, motorhome, and caravan sharing company. The business has been rapidly growing, helping thousands of van owners around the world share their vans with others. Camplify was looking for a new card acquirer to support their business in Australia and Europe.

The Solution

With Airwallex's Payments for Platforms solution, Camplify was able to develop an integrated payments offering that included Card Acquiring and Payouts. Additional benefits included pricing transparency, an integrated multi-currency card solution, and rapid integration. Camplify is continuing to expand their business globally, automate their payment solutions, and save on payment related costs.

How SHEIN manages end-to-end marketplace payments

The Challenge

SHEIN, the well known global fashion and lifestyle e-retailer, is committed to making the beauty of fashion accessible to all. They use on-demand manufacturing to bring a variety of affordable products to customers in more than 150 countries. To support the growth of their global business, SHEIN needed an end-to-end global payments solution spanning payments acceptance, currency conversion, and payouts across multiple geographies.

The Solution

With Airwallex's Payments for Platforms solution, SHEIN was able to collect online payments from consumers around the world via multiple currencies and payment methods, eliminate costly conversion fees via like-for-like settlement, and streamline payouts to its global base of sellers. Airwallex's global coverage and proprietary infrastructure allowed SHEIN to accelerate its growth worldwide.

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