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Process payments and manage funds

Based on the model difference explained in the above section, there are two ways to process daily payments:

a )  The connected account is the owner of each payment and manages the subsequent processes like captures, refunds, and dispute handling

b )  The platform is the owner of each payment and manages all subsequent processes

Depending on your operational needs your account will be configured accordingly.

When using Payments for Platforms, the Platform will need to provide in addition to the regular payment details (included in the Payment Intent and Payment Attempts) several indicators that allow identifying on behalf of who or to whom a transaction belongs.

In most situations, you will require to split funds from transactions between connected accounts and yourself. Our solution FundSplit enables you to disburse funds to the appropriate party as needed. FundSplit represents a bilateral agreement that part of the collected funds (i.e. PaymentIntent) will be divided between multiple destinations (yourself and the other accounts) before settling to the account that owns the original payment. You may create and add multiple FundSplit to a PaymentIntent.

The following sections provide a detailed overview of those sets of API calls and specific details are structured depending on the model required for the Platform.


You can enjoy the flexibility to determine whose information will be displayed to consumers based on your business nature. This includes merchant descriptor name and merchant address on consumers’ account statements. It can help consumers better recognize the payment thereby reducing potential chargeback or Fraud claims. Please reach out to our support team for more information on how to achieve this.