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The best possible way to receive payment from Japanese customers

Business is easy when you're big in Japan. Here's a helpful guide on how to accept payments in Japanese Yen.
Ben Wang

2 minutes

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Infographic: 77% of UK businesses plan to expand their international presence in 2022, according to poll

An Airwallex poll of UK small and medium-sized businesses has found that more than three quarters plan to expand their international presence in 2022. But international currency exchange fees threaten to hamper growth.
Tilly Michell

3 minutes

Customer stories

How Airwallex is enabling Sona to scale their business internationally

As a company with a big goal, and even bigger dreams, international expansion was always on the cards for Sona. The key challenge they faced was how to make this financially viable, and as streamlined as possible.
Tilly Michell

5 minutes

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How to switch your business bank account in the UK

If you’re tired of clunky, outdated systems, poor customer service and unnecessary charges, it might be time to switch business bank accounts. Check out our guide on how to make the switch.
Tilly Michell

5 minutes

Partner Story

Airwallex partners with Brandbassador

Building brand awareness is a key challenge for all businesses, especially smaller ones. With Brandbassador, businesses can reward their customers with perks when they promote their products online.
Tilly Michell

6 minutes

Company news

Release Notes: October 2021

Pay with your smartphone, collect global payments with a single link. Here are the releases you need to know about in October 2021.
Shani Ishigaki

2 minutes

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How Bowtie uses virtual corporate cards to streamline its operations in Hong Kong

Airwallex offers free virtual company cards that allow users to make online payments in multiple foreign currencies. Learn how Bowtie uses Airwallex to set-up free corporate cards for its employees and track their spending in real-time on Ariwallex’s online portal.
Alice Wong

3 mins

Business tips

How to open a business bank account in the UK

When opening a business bank account in the UK, the process itself is reasonably straightforward, and there are a number of key documents and pieces of information you need to provide. Follow our guide to getting started.

5 minutes

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Attract, Develop, Retain: Top Talent to Transform Your Business with Naomi Simson

Top talent has the power to transform your business completely. Top talent also contributes diverse thinking and ways of working. Traditional models of recruitment, performance conversations and working styles are long gone, so how can we go about rethinking them?

11 mins


Multi-currency Payment Gateways: A better way to accept payments globally

Payment gateway technology has been instrumental in enabling eCommerce businesses to grow. We explore how an international payment solution can help your global eCommerce business expand with higher margins.

6 minutes

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Follow the Money: How to Develop Cashflow Confidence with Naomi Simson

If you think of a business as a living organism, cash is the lifeblood of the business. One of the main reasons businesses fail is not that they don't record a profit; they run out of cash. It's essential to know where your cash is and monitor your business' health and wealth.

8 mins

Employee Airtime: How Account Manager Yvia Magan-Parker made the leap from fashion to fintech

Get to know Account Manager Yvia Magan-Parker, employee number two in the Melbourne sales team at Airwallex.

4 minutes


CHAPS vs. BACS payments: What’s the difference?

When making high-volume or high-value transfers through your bank, there are two main payment networks you’ll be using: CHAPS vs BACS. So let’s look at the difference between BACS and CHAPS, and what this means for your business.
Joe Romeo

5 minutes

Customer stories

Customer Story: Rotor One is flying high over Melbourne

Some people have used lockdowns to learn how to bake sourdough, propagate plants or dance on TikTok. But for Edward Taylor, founder and Commercial Pilot at Rotor One, he fulfilled his life-long dream of becoming a helicopter pilot. Read Edward's full story, here.

4 minutes

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Gathering and Guiding: Four Steps to Leading Leaders with Naomi Simson

Leadership is a curious thing. It's an intangible quality and notoriously hard to define. We discussed with Naomi Simson what it means to grow as a leader and will further explore four steps to building effective leadership teams.

11 mins

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