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How Airwallex is building a trusted global financial cloud with banking partners

At Airwallex, much of our products and services are made possible by our network of global, regional, and local banking partners, helping to power our local payout and settlement capabilities. So, why should banks work with us?

6 minutes

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3 Key Brexit Implications For eCommerce Businesses

As you likely know by now, the UK voted to leave the EU in the summer of 2016. In this post, we’re taking a look at three of the biggest implications and what sellers can do.

4 mins


NAB Foreign Currency Account: a comparison

A NAB foreign currency account is designed for businesses who make regular international currency transactions. Let's take a closer look at the product on offer so you can decide if it's a good fit for your business.

6 minutes

Employee Airtime with Andrew Foo, Legal Counsel based in Singapore

Welcome to Employee Airtime! In this content series, we sit down with our talented team to talk about why they're excited to work at Airwallex, their passions and what gets them out of bed in the morning! Introducing Andrew Foo, Legal Counsel based in Singapore.

4 minutes


International Shipping from Australia: What You Need to Know For Seamless Cross-Border Delivery

But to sell internationally, you need to figure out one key thing: shipping. Here’s what we’ll cover in this post so you can ensure you have a scalable shipping system in place for your cross-border expansion.

15 mins


ANZ Business Bank Accounts: a comparison

We take a look at ANZ's Business Advantage transaction account while comparing it feature for feature with our Airwallex Business Account.

5 minutes

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Businesses missing the benefits of fintech, say Airwallex and CPA Australia

Airwallex and Australia’s leading professional accounting body CPA Australia, launched the ‘The Role of FinTech in Modernising Businesses’ report which aims to educate businesses on emerging fintech solutions and drive fintech adoption.

6 mins


How to check if your Facebook ad spend has hidden bank fees (and how you can eliminate them)

Despite Facebook charging and invoicing you in AUD, many businesses are paying an additional 3% in foreign transaction fee for this spend. Find out how to save on international transaction fees in our latest article.

3 minutes

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How to open a US Stripe account from Australia

Normally, Australian Stripe accounts will only allow you to withdraw funds in AUD, regardless of what currency the account collects in. Follow these steps to open a US Stripe account from Australia and withdraw in USD.

6 minutes


How to Price and Promote your Product for International Markets

Product pricing is an essential element in determining the success of your eCommerce products. This post will provide you with the pricing strategies you need to create a reliable, international pricing structure for your business. 

8 minutes


How to sell on Amazon US from Australia

Amazon is growing exponentially, and there are still physical limitations around selling from country to country. As an Australian business, you might be wondering how to sell on Amazon US from Australia...
Joe Romeo

7 minutes


CommBank Foreign Currency Account: a comparison

We take a look at Commonwealth Bank's foreign currency account including key features, fees and rates and ease of opening. Click here to read the full article.

5 minutes


The Benefits of a Digital Business Bank Account

There's plenty to love about a digital business bank account. We’ve ranked the 5 key benefits that make digital business bank accounts an outstanding choice for your finances.

4 minutes

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How our security and compliance works to protect your transactions

At Airwallex, we take our commitment to upholding and complying to legal and regulatory requirements very seriously. Here, we want to answer these questions and highlight how Airwallex ensures your transactions are fast, seamless and secure.

4 mins


International ROAS: A Guide to Calculating Your Return on Ad Spend for eCommerce Businesses

Learn exactly how to calculate return on ad spend, and what you can do to maximise returns from your advertising dollars.

6 minutes

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