Our Operating Principles

Airwallex is guided by 12 operating principles that describe who we are as an organisation and how we work together as a team. These principles lay out the core traits and everyday behaviours we believe are important to achieving our mission.

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Who we are


We have an ambitious vision to change the world. We’re here to create transformational value, not marginal improvement.


We question and always seek to understand why. We care more about intellectual honesty than always trying to be right.


We align on our goals, and deliver on our promises. We’re adaptable enough to deal with uncertainty, and avoid letting ambiguity thwart our progress.


We believe anything is possible and won’t stop until the job is done. We have a high drive to deliver exceptional results even in the face of obstacles.


We welcome the ups and downs that accompany our audacious goals, and we approach each day with agility and a growth mindset.


We look at every situation as an opportunity. We believe that first principles thinking and a focused approach will lead to positive outcomes.

How we work together

Prioritise our customers

We put the interests of our customers first at all times. Knowing them and consistently delivering a superior experience is paramount. When our customers win, so do we.

Move fast with conviction

We are decisive and execute with urgency as a team. We know when to ‘disagree and commit’ and we refuse to let complexity discourage our forward momentum.

Champion craftsmanship

We never compromise on the quality of our craft. We create products and solutions with finesse and meticulous attention-to-detail.

Take ownership

We hold ourselves and one another accountable for our decisions, successes, and failures. We approach problems with data and facts, and encourage measured, intentional risk taking, that projects all potential outcomes.

Never settle

We continually seek to raise the bar and reject mediocrity. We have a hunger for knowledge, seek challenges that are insatiably interesting, and always consider if there are better ideas.

Optimise for long-term value

We make the hard, but right decisions, for our future. We don’t sacrifice long-term value for short-sighted victories. We’re building a generational company.

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