How DTC eCommerce brand, Linjer, saved more than SGD$13,000 in FX fees

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How DTC eCommerce brand, Linjer, saved more than SGD$13,000 in FX fees
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Nowadays, there are many direct-to-consumers affordable, high-quality fashion brands. But in 2014, it's either fast fashion or luxury brands. Jennifer Chong and Roman Khan, then-couple, now husband-and-wife, created Linjer to solve this problem. They create products of the same quality as luxury brands, and sell directly to customers online, without the high markup. They started off with just US$20k savings and crowdfunding. And in the first 14 months, they hit US$1 million in sales.

I’m so thankful that Airwallex exists! Airwallex allows me to exchange currencies at really great rates compared to my bank.


  1. In just a few months, Airwallex helped Linjer to save more than SGD13,000 in unnecessary FX and international transfer fees.

  2. Airwallex's VISA Multi-currency Card has great FX rates and it helps Linjer's CEO to save time on expense reimbursement.

Challenges: High FX and transfer fees by bank and PayPal

With Airwallex, I can make international transfers for only a small fraction of the price of a wire/Paypal transfer. 

Before using Airwallex, Linjer made international transfers to their overseas suppliers using bank transfers and PayPal. Their bank and PayPal charge costly fees for foreign exchange. Each bank international transfer costs ~ SGD 20 per transfer.

Other than international transfers, they were using their bank's credit cards to purchase items online. When it comes to purchases in foreign currencies, banks usually charge a 3-4% markup on top of the prevailing FX rate determined by Visa/MasterCard. In order to avoid the high fees by the bank, their employees will use their personal credit cards for purchases to get better FX rates. Afterwards, their employees will get reimbursed.

Solution & Results: How Airwallex international transfers and cards help Linjer save SGD13,000 FX fees

Airwallex helps Linjer to exchange currencies at market-leading rates. And make international transfers for a fraction of the price of a wire transfer or PayPal transfer. Their recipients of the transfers are very satisfied too, because they aren't charged with any incoming wire fees. Typically, businesses will go through the SWIFT network for international transfer via the banks, and there might be a fee incurred on the recipient's end.

"In just a few months we've already saved more than SGD$13,000 in unnecessary bank fees!" – Jennifer Chong, CEO of Linjer

Linjer also uses Airwallex's VISA Multi-currency card for online purchases in any currency. There are zero transaction fees on international card payments. Apart from cost saving, this also helps Jennifer to empower her team easily to make purchases without a long, tedious process. She said that this is "not how she wants to spend her time". 

Send international payments with $0 TT fees and market-leading FX rates

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