Fee Schedule

Last updated: 6 April 2022

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The following fees and charges apply with respect to customers of Airwallex (Hong Kong) Limited.

Online Payments Services The following pricing is quoted on a 'blended' pricing basis for Cards and Local Payment Methods. The General Fees specified, except for the Foreign Currency Settlement Fee, are applicable to the acceptance of Cards and Local Payment Methods. All fees set out in this schedule are exclusive of GST/VAT (if applicable), unless otherwise indicated.

Defined terms in this Fee Schedule have the meaning given to them in Airwallex’s Online Payment Terms, which can be found here: https://www.airwallex.com/hk/terms.

1. General Fees

DescriptionAirwallex FeeCharging Method
Gateway Fee (incl. fraud & 3DS)HKD$2.35per attempted or actual Transaction
Foreign Currency Settlement Fee*1.00%per settlement of a non-HKD Transaction in the same non-HKD currency
FX Conversion Fee*2.00%per conversion of a Transaction currency into the Settlement Currency
Refund Fee^HKD$2.35per Refund request
Chargeback Fee^HKD$140per Chargeback request
^ These fees exclude any additional fees or charges imposed by a Network. Such fees and charges will be passed onto you by Airwallex. * The Foreign Currency Settlement Fee is not applicable to Transactions made by Local Payment Methods. The Foreign Currency Settlement Fee and the FX Conversion Fee are separate fees. Depending on the specific foreign currencies involved in a Transaction, only one of these would be charged at once. Some of these fees may appear as one combined fee on your invoice. For example, an International Card transaction may appear as one fee that combines the Payment Method Fee and Foreign Currency Settlement Fee in the same line item. If you have any questions about the fees on your invoice, please contact us and we can help clarify any questions.

2. Payment Method Fees (Blended)

DescriptionAirwallex FeeCharging Method
Cards (Visa, Mastercard and UnionPay)3.30%per Transaction

3. Local Payment Methods (Blended)

DescriptionAirwallex FeeCharging Method
WeChat Pay1.00%per Transaction
Other payment methods: Refer to: https://www.airwallex.com/hk/online-payments-capability


DescriptionStandard Fee (HKD)
Expense Management Service Fee$40 per active Employee Cardholder¹ per calendar month

¹An Employee Cardholder is active if they have been verified and has an Employee Card that has not been cancelled or has not expired during the relevant month.

Additional notes: The above fees (as applicable) will be deducted from your Airwallex account on a monthly basis, and pro-rated based on the total number of active Employee Cardholders linked to your Airwallex account during the relevant month. By way of example, if you have one active Employee Cardholder for fifteen days in a 30-day month, then we will deduct $20 from your Airwallex account in the following month. All fees set out above are exclusive of GST/VAT (if applicable).

If you have any questions about the fees deducted from your Airwallex account, please contact us and we can help clarify any questions. For more information on billing, please see our Expenses FAQs.

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