Airwallex Hong Kong GOGOX Promotion Terms


  1. The GOGOBUSINESS x AIRWALLEX Cash Rebate Campaign (the “Promotion”) is provided by GOGO Tech Limited (“GOGOX”) and Airwallex (Hong Kong) Limited (“Airwallex”). By participating in the Promotion by registering via this link: and/or receiving the Rebate (as defined below), this indicates you understand and agree to be bound by these Terms.

  2. You are eligible to participate in the Promotion and become an “Eligible Customer” if all of the following requirements are satisfied:

You have enrolled in the Promotion through the dedicated page for the Promotion via this link: (“Form”) during the Promotion Period (as defined below);

You are a valid GOGOBUSINESS (non-monthly settlement) account holder of GOGOX;

You have signed up as a new customer of Airwallex for Airwallex Borderless Card and you have been onboarded by Airwallex following satisfaction of all requirements from Airwallex (including the onboarding Know Your Customers (KYC) requests) during the Promotion Period;

You are a company incorporated in Hong Kong with a valid business registration certificate; and

You are not an existing customer of Airwallex’s and / or its affiliates at the time of enrolling in the Promotion.

GOGOX and Airwallex reserve the right to refuse any Eligible Customers their participation in the Promotion for any reason and without any prior notice.

  1. If you are an Eligible Customer, you are eligible to a one-time fixed HK$1,000 rebate to be credited to your Airwallex account (the “Rebate”) if you successfully (i) topped up at least HK$2,000 during at least one single transaction to your GOGOBUSINESS account (the “Transaction”) and (ii) use your Airwallex Borderless Card to settle the Transaction within six (6) months after registering in the Form for the Promotion (the “Settlement”, and together with Transaction, the “Conditions”).

  2. This Promotion commences on 4 October 2021 and ends on 31 March 2022 (both dates inclusive) (the “Promotion Period”).

  3. If the Eligible Customer satisfies the Conditions in clause 3 of these Terms, the Rebate will be credited by the 14th day of the calendar month immediately following the month of the Settlement.

  4. The relevant top-up amounts in the GOGOBUSINESS account are valid for 2 years from the date of the successful top-up. The Rebate is subject to applicable agreements governing your Airwallex account.

  5. The relevant top-up amounts are not redeemable for cash, for resale and no refund or exchange is permitted (except as required by applicable laws).

  6. During the Promotion Period, in case of any fraud, abuse, reversal, cancellation or chargeback of transactions in respect of which the Rebate is awarded, Airwallex reserves the right to debit the Rebate from the Eligible Customer’s Airwallex account without prior notice.

  7. The Rebate cannot be earned in conjunction with other offers, packages or promotions as may be launched by Airwallex from time to time, unless specified by Airwallex. The Rebate cannot be transferred to third parties or other accounts, or exchanged for any other gifts, returned or exchanged for other products with respect to Airwallex.

  8. GOGOX and Airwallex reserve the right to amend, and/or vary any of these Terms and any arrangement of this Promotion, limit, suspend, cancel, and/or terminate the Promotion, without notice and without any liability.

  9. Additional terms and conditions of GOGOX applies ( GOGOX will process the collected data in accordance with GOGOX’s privacy policy ( Airwallex will process personal information in accordance with Airwallex’s privacy policy ( In addition, by participating in the Promotion, you expressly consent that any personal information that you provide, may be shared between GOGOX and Airwallex for purposes of the Promotion and all related administrative actions in connection therewith.

  10. These Terms are governed by the law of Hong Kong. In case of any dispute, GOGOX and Airwallex reserve the right of final decision.

  11. For any enquiries related to GOGOBUSINESS, please call the enquiry hotline of GOGOX at +852 3590 8975. For any enquiries related to Airwallex, please call the enquiry hotline of Airwallex at +852 3690 2712 or 3690 9855.

  12. The Chinese version of these Terms is for reference only. In case of any discrepancy between the English version and the Chinese version, the English version shall prevail.

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