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Enabling infrastructure and tooling

Specific requirements may apply based on the jurisdictions to which you want to deliver services. Always speak to a member of the Airwallex team if you are considering implementing our Global Treasury solution.

KYC and user onboarding

Airwallex may need to KYC and onboard your customers before your customers can make payouts on your platform. Airwallex's global regulatory framework provides optimized Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements to be met by connected accounts who are onboarded. See KYC and onboarding.

As part of this onboarding process, customers signing up will need to sign-up to Airwallex T&Cs which you will need to display to users using these guidelines.

Identity Authentication & User Management

Platforms handle the provisioning and management of end user identity & credentials. Users will not create new credentials with Airwallex, which avoids user friction from having to maintain two log-ins.

Platforms can integrate Airwallex’s Risk SDK for Airwallex to help detect fraudulent log-ins and account takeovers on your platform. Advanced device fingerprinting is conducted by the SDK, including device IP and other data fields, which are then fed into Airwallex’s real-time global risk engine. Airwallex will proactively identify and prevent fraudulent activities on your platform, safeguarding customer accounts and bolstering trust. The Risk SDK can be imported into any customer-facing applications (including web and iOS/Android applications).

For platforms offering services to customers in the UK & EEA, Airwallex will also validate that the platform’s user identity management services meet applicable local compliance requirements, including for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).


Transaction monitoring & AML (Anti-Money Laundering) technology & regulatory-facing obligations are handled by Airwallex.


Airwallex's Platform Reports API allows platforms to retrieve reports in .csv format, providing valuable insights into customer activity and facilitating efficient response to inquiries. With this API, platforms can request the creation of reports that include lists of connected accounts, Wallet balances, and financial transactions. These reports are essential for platform operations teams, enabling them to better understand customer behavior and address any onboarding or payment-related queries. The reports are generated in .csv format and can be easily accessed through a download link. By leveraging the Platform Reports API, platforms can streamline their operations and enhance their customer support capabilities.

Customer support and operations

When it comes to handling customer support services, customers should only interact directly with the platform. Our role is to help the platform answer any customer queries related to the services that are provided by us. We do this through dedicated training and communication channels as well as via specific APIs.

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